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Tips for Upgrading WordPress Successfully

Video providing tips on how to Install Wordpress successfully along with tips on how to recover from a Wordpress site crash during a upgrade.

3rd January 2012 No Comments

WordPress 3.3 Update – Sonny Review

Called the Sonny update. Wordpress 3.3 is a major upgrade to the most popular CMS platform in the world. But before you do upgrade here are a few things you should know.

19th December 2011 2 Comments

WordPress SEO and Plug-ins

Another session that I attended today at Pubcon that I found very interesting was “Wordpress SEO and Plugins” moderated by Sean Jackson and speakers Greg Banse from 7th Pixel, Carolyn Shelby from CSHEL.com, Scott Hendison from Search Commander Inc and Ben Cook from Network Solutions, here are some of my “take aways”:
Carolyn Shelby – WordPress Tricks, Tips and Tweaks

Today people over rely on plug-ins and theme framework to do the work for them. You must understand at least to understand basic HTML and CSS code.
Excessive blog bling is bad and the biggest mistake webmasters make with WordPress is not keeping […]

9th November 2010 2 Comments

Using WordPress to Develop Your Internet Presence

When I started my Internet Marketing Career way back in 1997 the tools for web development were limited, clunky and expensive so I learned to do most of my coding using notepad.
Today there are several professional web development programs such as Dreamweaver, however the complexity of the program and the cost often puts them outside the reach of small business owners that want to create their own website(s).
However, I’ve noticed the past year a dramatic shift in web development with increased use of WordPress as the program of choice.  WordPress was initially developed for users to create an easy blogging platform.
The […]

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