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Are your videos optimized for SEO?

With YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine in the world it’s not only important to create videos for your perspective audience but to also properly optimize them to get the maximum exposure in organic search.
Here are our proven 7 SEO Tips for optimizing your videos:
1 – Keyword Research: Keyword research is the cornerstone of all Internet Marketing. Spend the extra time to discover some of those long tail keyword terms (phrases usually 3 to 5 words long) that convert well and have a high conversion.
Example: As an affiliate marketer in the radar detector niche, once a new radar detector […]

22nd August 2011 1 Comment

Free Online SEO Training Membership

Two of the biggest concerns we heard from of our subscribers is;

The lack of time to attend an in person SEO Training Workshop and;
The expense and hassle of having to travel to a workshop

Well we have listened but better yet, responded to your concerns!
Free SEO Training Membership

If you had the opportunity to view any latest SEO Training Videos you are perhaps aware that we have built a new video recording studio in our office over the past couple of months and that we are now in the final stages of integrating an Amazon S3 cloud streaming video service along with […]

11th February 2011 10 Comments

Getting Ready to Launch

This past week my team and I have been hard at work getting this site ready for launch. We have a few minor details in cleaning up the CSS, adding a few new posts, but we are close…..
This coming week I’m hoping to finalize my agreement with the Search Engine Workshops and start scheduling our first workshop for late March, early April.
Today I spent some time putting together a few “traffic magnet” videos that we will launch after the site goes live. As I’ll be teaching SEO and SEM, figured that I should use some of the “tricks” I developed […]

9th February 2009 6 Comments



We hit the
sweet spot.