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Life Changing Events!

My daughter Erin, was by my side during the heyday of Radarbusters; answering the hundreds of telephone calls, emails, packing the orders and pitching in with copywriting and image editing.
She was also by my side when we received the phone call from Netshops offering to buy our empire of websites and social media properties for over seven figures.
After this life changing phone call with both Erin and I celebrating that we were millionaires, she broke the news to me “Dad, I have a boyfriend (Thomas) in Flagstaff and we are in love, we are getting
married. We just didn’t know […]

27th January 2010 2 Comments

I Got Naked at Our Meetup!

You may have heard on how I exposed myself at Thursday’s nights Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Meetup before an audience of 45 Internet Marketers.
No, it wasn’t that ugly as you’re perhaps thinking right now, I did remain clothed throughout my presentation.
But I did strip down my website(s) before our group, revealing all my secrets on how I implemented the “Persuasive Metaphor ” to create trust and desire on my old Radarbusters network and on my new SEO Training SW website.
My first exposure to “subliminal suggestion ” was back in 1975 while majoring in television and film production. Subliminal […]

19th March 2009 1 Comment



We hit the
sweet spot.