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Keyword Forensics Webinar with John Alexander

Do you spend hours doing keyword research?
Effective keyword research is essential in online marketing and to do it effectively the “old school way” can take up hours of your time.
And when done doing keyword research the “old school way” all you’re left with is a list of keywords which all your competitors are using.
Don’t you wish that there were a better way that was faster, found keywords with low competition and high search volume and keywords that your competitors were not using?
Now there is a better way, Keyword Forensics.
“Keyword Forensics enables you to discover hidden search trends and tap into […]

13th October 2011 2 Comments

How to Create Your First Affliate Account

I had a few members of our Arizona SEO Training Meetup members contact me over the weekend who watched my last video on doing competitive research and commented that they felt it was a great video but asked if I could put together a similar video on how to create an affiliate account.
I thought what a great idea, so tonight I put a ten minute presentation together.
I comment in the video and I want to reinforce this prior to you watching the video that yes, there are lots of people that make LOTS of money doing affiliate advertising, however in […]

25th February 2009 6 Comments



We hit the
sweet spot.