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SEO Mom is Devastated!

Imaging your 19 year old son who just graduated high school at the top of his class, who also has scholarships to attend a prestigious university tells you that he wants to put his education on hold because of some “crazy” new online business that he had started.
Wouldn’t this just devastate you as a parent?
This is exactly how Andrew Polanski’s mother felt just a few weeks ago.
Let me explain.
Back in April Andrew was one of our students attending the Local Search Workshop. In May he came back for our Affiliate Marketing Workshop.

In June Andrew called me. He was very excited […]

19th September 2011 No Comments

How to Create Killer Page Titles and Page descriptions

Which Google Search Result Listing on the right would you click on first?

If you’re like most users, chances are that you selected the Best Chicago Pizza over the first listing even though it was listed second.
Why then would most users select the number two listing over the first listing?
Well because the listing of the Best Chicago Pizza listing was more informative and listed the benefits rather than the first listing who did not take the time to properly optimize their page title and description tag for their users and the search engines.
One of the first things that you need to […]

31st May 2011 4 Comments

Information Overload Causes Trust Decline

Recently, Steve Rubel, EVP of Global Strategy and Insights for Edelman during his presentation at Mashable Connect 2011 said that;

“The reality is, there’s too much content and not enough time,” says Rubel. “More content will be created today than existed in entirety before 2003.” With limited time and attention spans, people are experiencing information overload as well as “people overload.” Rubel called it a “friending arms race,” referring to the Facebook phenomena in which “he or she who dies with the most ‘friends’ wins.”
The 2011 Trust Barometer survey shows a massive shift in trust, with academics, experts and technical experts […]

14th May 2011 No Comments

8 Critical Steps for Successful Content Marketing | Webinar

This week Arnie Kueen the author of “Accelerate! Content Development and Marketing to Grow Your Business Online” and president of Vertical Measures was our guest speaker for our webinar “8 Critical Steps for Successful Content Marketing”
During this free, pre-recorded one-hour webinar Arnie guides you through the critical steps of the content marketing chain and you will discover how easy it is to can create, implement and sustain a successful content marketing program.
If you are not a member of our free online SEO training community and you would like to watch Arnie’s presentation, please click here to sign up here now.
Also, […]

4th March 2011 3 Comments

How Do You Rank a Phone Book?

This perhaps is the number one question Google thinks about each day since their roll out of Local Search on April 1, 2009 and certainly something that every local business owner in should concern themselves with too.
Google estimates that ten billion searches each month or 20% of all desk top searches or have local intent and Bing reported recently that over 53% of the searches done with mobile devices have local intent.
Because of the increasing growth in the Local Search landscape a dramatic overhaul has been done in the SERPs over the past few months where Local results have entirely […]

15th December 2010 9 Comments

SEO Seminar Las Vegas – SEO Fundamentals

Part One – SEO Fundamentals Workshop
This past week we had a total of ten students from all over the US and walks of life who attended our Search Engine Academy SW SEO Training Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ira from New Jersey owns a business office furniture store outside of Philadelphia has had a website featuring his products and services. Ira’s goal in attending the workshop was to update his site and get back his page one placement in the search engines that have fell over the past year.
Nicole, who lives in Las Vegas, is a partner in a Search Engine […]

3rd July 2010 3 Comments

Success With Google AdWords and PPC

Tonight we hosted or SEO Training teleseminar with PPC and Google AdWords expert David Evans.
I kicked off David’s call by asking a common question I hear from Internet Marketers “Is there a way manage your own Google AdWords campaign without going broke?”
David said that he is also asked this same question weekly from clients who see that there are profits to be made with Google AdWords and PPC, however they are very worried about the money aspect. But yes there are ways to run your own PPC campaign even if you have a limited budget or if you’re unsure about […]

10th June 2010 3 Comments

Where Can I Find Those Juicy Links?

Teleseminar SEO & Link Building
If you’ve have been involved in Search Engine Optimization you know how important backlinks are. But how do you get these backlinks and avoid getting in trouble with the search engines?
It is not sufficient to just have a bunch of other websites link to your site anymore, quality matters. Search engines determine the quality of inbound links and your inbound links should be relevant to the theme of your website.
Example; if your website is about car insurance, then a link to your site from a site that sells shoes has little relevance, therefore it is not […]

22nd May 2010 2 Comments

Online Marketing Summit

The Online Marketing Summit kicked off their twenty-three city tour here in Phoenix yesterday and we had the opportunity to attend and network with leaders in the SEO and Social Media community.
Here are some of “Gold Nuggets” of information that we took away from the conference.
1.) The single answer to problems around the world, your company and your marketing is EDUCATION!
Aaron Hahlow – Online Marketing Summit 
Breakfast Keynote Address:
2.) Best for audience exposure with Facebook and other social media properties are on Mondays and Tuesdays.
3.) Get Content – Get Users.
4.) Online conversation happens with people, not businesses.
Brad Kleinman – Junat42 […]

21st May 2010 11 Comments

SEO Meetup Mobile Marketing

The date of our March SEO Meetup has been changed as I will be speaking at a Mobile Marketing and Local Search seminar in NYC during the week of our regularly scheduled meeting.
The new date of our Phoenix March Meetup is March 25th at 7:00 PM
During our March SEO Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Meetup presentation we will discuss some basic SEO topics that are very important to promote your online business;
– Basic SEO terms and what they mean
– On Page Page SEO Factors
– Off Page SEO Factors
– Local Search
– Usability
– Free SEO Tools that you can use
– Why […]

4th March 2010 2 Comments



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