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Local Search Marketing Webinar

When someone searches for your goods or services online, will they find you, or a competitor?
Today we hosted a Local Search webinar discussing the recent trends and opportunities for small business owners and agencies/individuals who are interested in Local Search.
During this 77-minute Local Search Webinar we discussed topics such as:

Emerging trends in mobile, GPS and Google Places
The growing importance of online search and how why it is important for local businesses to have a optimized Internet presence
Keyword tools for Local Search
The Google Places Algorithm and the 5 most important factors for optimization
The five most important factors for optimization for a […]

17th March 2011 6 Comments

8 Critical Steps for Successful Content Marketing | Webinar

This week Arnie Kueen the author of “Accelerate! Content Development and Marketing to Grow Your Business Online” and president of Vertical Measures was our guest speaker for our webinar “8 Critical Steps for Successful Content Marketing”
During this free, pre-recorded one-hour webinar Arnie guides you through the critical steps of the content marketing chain and you will discover how easy it is to can create, implement and sustain a successful content marketing program.
If you are not a member of our free online SEO training community and you would like to watch Arnie’s presentation, please click here to sign up here now.
Also, […]

4th March 2011 3 Comments

How to Legally Spy on your Competitors

Lets be honest, haven’t you wished that you could spy on your competitor so you could figure out a way to steal away their top placement in Google?
As I and several of our alumni members can attest, having a number one listing for your main money term is extremely profitable, but often times the road to this online success can be very confusing and challenging.
Typically you would have reams of data that you would have to sift through to have a complete understanding of why your competitor’s website ranks so well and why your website is still buried somewhere on […]

16th February 2011 No Comments

Google Analytics Webinar

Do you find yourself lost in Google Analytics?
Don’t you wish someone could come out with a simple road-map that you could follow to set up your account, to set up filters and understand all that data that Google Analytics can provide?
In conjunction with Sheila Kloefkorn and Ryan Grimes from KEO Marketing we present the following one-hour video replay that will walk you through how to set-up and optimize your Google Analytics account.
In this SEO Training Video available to our members you will discover:

Analytics Integration and Reporting
Automatic Alerts
Custom Alerts
Custom Reporting
Advanced Filters
Weighed Sorts
Pivot by
Advanced Segmentation
Multiple Custom Variables

If you are not a member […]

15th February 2011 3 Comments

SEO Essentials – Basic HTML

This week we hosted our free SEO Training Meetup in Phoenix and had our one hour presentation on SEO Essentials on Basic HTML.
During this one hour presentation we discussed;

Basic programs and tools you can use to develop your website
Difference between CSS and HTML
Explain the differences between PHP, HTML, HTM, and other page extensions
How to make sure that your website is code compliant with the W3 Standards
The importance of proper meta tags and the meta tags to avoid
How to control the indexing of your website with Robots.txt
How to properly format your text and images on your website
How to improve your rankings […]

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