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WordPress 3.3 Update – Sonny Review

Called the Sonny update. Wordpress 3.3 is a major upgrade to the most popular CMS platform in the world. But before you do upgrade here are a few things you should know.

19th December 2011 2 Comments

How To Pick Your Domain Name

In this 5 minute video we share with you strategies and some simple tips that you can use to find that perfect domain name for your new website.

13th December 2011 2 Comments

How to Create Trackable URLs

This short 5 minute video walks you through the steps on how to create trackable URL strings for your online campaigns that Google Analytics can properly interpret.

23rd November 2011 No Comments

How to Create Killer Page Titles and Page descriptions

Which Google Search Result Listing on the right would you click on first?

If you’re like most users, chances are that you selected the Best Chicago Pizza over the first listing even though it was listed second.
Why then would most users select the number two listing over the first listing?
Well because the listing of the Best Chicago Pizza listing was more informative and listed the benefits rather than the first listing who did not take the time to properly optimize their page title and description tag for their users and the search engines.
One of the first things that you need to […]

31st May 2011 4 Comments

5 Tips for Internet Marketers

Are you frustrated because you’re not making the money you thought you would as an Internet marketer? Are you looking back with regret to when you were working a regular job and getting those regular bi-weekly paychecks?
Are you getting ready to surrender?
Internet marketing is a tough business to be in and to be honest, I have even have had episodes when I was ready to call it quits. But surrendering was never an option for me; I had to stick it out.
I’ve spoken to allot of other Internet Marketers over the years that share your same frustration and gave them […]

22nd May 2011 2 Comments

10 Tips to Build Trust in Your Website or Blog

You only have one chance to make a first impression so if your website does not instill a sense of trust with your visitors, your online business will never be successful.
Trust can is built by a number of small actions that you can implement of your entire website, here are 10 tips I would recommend.

Website Design – Make sure that your website looks professional and that it is relevant it is to the subject matter.
Clear Navigation –Make your website’s navigation is easy to follow to ensure that your visitors don’t get confused.  Anything that you want a customer to see […]

18th May 2011 1 Comment

8 Essential Tips to Building a Successful Online Business

Are you building a strong foundation in your Internet Marketing efforts by building a strong foundation doing the proper keyword research and a doing full audit of your competitors?
This past week I received a telephone call from a prospective client.
She explained that she had an outside agency develop her website a year ago who promised her that the site would be on the top of Google within months. As it is over a year and with no rankings anywhere she fired the agency and was looking for help.
She related that she wanted to be #1 for only one keyword and […]

3rd April 2011 9 Comments

Facebook Changes the Rules Again, Are You Ready?

Don’t you just hate it when once you finally get something figured out that someone comes around and changes all the rules?
This is just the case with Facebook as they are changing the rules this weekend as they will no longer allow the creation and in some case the modification of custom FBML pages or tabs and instead move toward the implementation of using iFrames,
For those of you that already have custom content on your Facebook Places Pages it is important to note that you will not lose any of the content that you have already created and you will […]

8th March 2011 12 Comments

Google Farmer Update

This has been a real busy week in the field of SEO with a second major e-commerce website Overstock.com being slapped by Google for using questionable backlinks and then Google’s second algorithm update this month with release of the Farmer Update on Thursday.

Until recently Overstock had been ranking near the top of Google’s results for many common searches such as vacuum cleaners and laptop computers but after Google responded to a competitors complaint many of Overstock’s top rankings starting taking a nose dive.
It was discovered that Overstock had run a program with students who had access to .edu or .gov […]

27th February 2011 1 Comment

He with the Most Backlinks Wins

In the last segment of our three part series “Content is King, Context is Queen and he with the most backlinks wins” we will discuss Backlinks.

What is a backlink?
There are two basic types of backlinks, back links on your own website and backlinks from other websites. In this video and article we will discuss both.
On Page Search Engine Optimization
On site SEO and creating backlinks on your own website is the easiest way to develop backlinks. You may have noticed in our many articles on our own website that we interlink other articles and pages together using anchor keywords.
Off Page Search […]

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