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How to Legally Spy on your Competitors

Lets be honest, haven’t you wished that you could spy on your competitor so you could figure out a way to steal away their top placement in Google?
As I and several of our alumni members can attest, having a number one listing for your main money term is extremely profitable, but often times the road to this online success can be very confusing and challenging.
Typically you would have reams of data that you would have to sift through to have a complete understanding of why your competitor’s website ranks so well and why your website is still buried somewhere on […]

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My Secret Weapon; SEO Scout

“A quiet technology revolution – one that will radically change the way the Internet works – is likely to catch the world off guard. It involves the “semantic web” – a way of organizing and presenting web content not as documents but items of data that are linked by both meaning and relationship ”
– Tom Lube, Harvard Business Review, February 2009
I first heard about the semantic web in a presentation by Michael Marshall in 2004 at a Search Engine Academy Workshop. I have to admit when I first heard Michael explain the semantic web, latent semantic indexing, natural language processing […]

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