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How to Legally Spy on your Competitors

Lets be honest, haven’t you wished that you could spy on your competitor so you could figure out a way to steal away their top placement in Google?
As I and several of our alumni members can attest, having a number one listing for your main money term is extremely profitable, but often times the road to this online success can be very confusing and challenging.
Typically you would have reams of data that you would have to sift through to have a complete understanding of why your competitor’s website ranks so well and why your website is still buried somewhere on […]

16th February 2011 No Comments

Competitive Analysis – SEO Recon

A recorded 45 minute webinar with Michael Marshall on how to use SEO Recon, the most powerful Competitive analysis tool for SEO.

25th November 2010 8 Comments

Competitive Research Using SEO Recon

I learned one of my most important Internet Marketing tip from an outlaw biker who controlled the narcotics distribution network in western Arizona in 1985, while I was an undercover police officer.
After my introduction as a prospect for his organization, the very first thing he said to me was “Roy, learn everything you can about your competition and take them out.”
His remark to me shook me to my core, as I knew he would follow his own advice if he found out that I was a cop, intent on breaking up his criminal enterprise and arresting him.
After my retirement from […]

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