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You Must Adapt to Survive the Panda Update

Are you still wasting time submitting articles to worthless article websites?
Prior to the Panda update writing, spinning and submitting articles to all those article directories such as EzineArticles, Article Base and Squidoo was a quick and easy way to build a ton of backlinks to your site.
However the effectiveness of this strategy came to a screeching halt on February 23rd the day Google released their first Panda update.
You may have noticed that EzineArticles, Squidoo, Article Base and many of those other article directories have all disappeared from Google’s SERPs and that the “link juice” from those articles has evaporated.
Another factor […]

4th October 2011 2 Comments

How To Get 66,000 Backlinks to Your Website

Two weeks ago we hosted our Affiliate Marketing Workshop with Ginette Degner and one of the most common questions we were asked from our students was “How do I get links to my website?”
My favorite, Press Releases.
The success to getting quality backlinks though press releases starts with writing a good story, selecting the right distribution network and reaching outside your traditional community to gain greater exposure.
What should you write about?
Do you have a new product or service; is there any news in your industry going on right now that you can write about?
Set up a Google News profile and monitor […]

9th May 2011 2 Comments

Are You In the News?

Are you ignoring the power of newspapers, television and radio?
If so you’re not alone many Internet Marketers often overlook the importance of creating news releases to publicize their products and/or services,  blowing it off saying “who cares, my  company/website/life isn’t really that interesting.”
But pick any newspaper, read the blogs, they are full of stories of average Joe’s (the Plumber) doing something interesting that captures the editors interest and adds their story to their paper.
When I owned the RadarBusters network I would set aside a day a month to write about something that I felt would be interesting in my niche, […]

4th March 2009 7 Comments



We hit the
sweet spot.