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Connect with Your Perfect Customer Using LinkedIn

I don’t get it, why should I use Social Media in my business? Isn’t all that social media stuff about posting about what my friends or I are doing?

If this is how you view social media then you’re really missing out of a great Social Media Business opportunity to not only promote your business, but also a great opportunity to network with other business professionals in your niche.
In this week’s SEO tip of the week we will discuss using LinkedIn as a professional marketing tool.
Today you may be using LinkedIn as a place to post your online resume or as […]

6th February 2011 6 Comments

Real Estate SEO Tips

We get allot of questions about SEO for real estate and if there are different tactics or approaches for real estate seo for organic and/or local search.

The fact is that all of the fundamentals still apply with a few other added features that I feel are very important, so here are some of the basics for Real Estate SEO 101.
Domain name: Selecting the correct domain name for your real estate website is critical. First do your keyword research and find out what people are searching for. In this example we see that the keyword phrase “Wickenburg real estate” has over […]

31st January 2011 5 Comments

Whats in Your Secret Sauce?

If you’re involved in Internet Marketing I’m sure that you have asked yourself at least once “Why do all those websites rank before my website and what is the secret to their success?”

Well honestly, it is no secret at all and I’ll explain why.
A few weeks ago I posted an article about the WordPress Challenge about writing and publishing at least one new post a week on your website/blog and how this would help your website get better indexing in the search engines and ultimately get you more traffic, followers and ultimately sales.
Therefore I was a little taken back after […]

23rd January 2011 5 Comments

He with the Most Backlinks Wins

In the last segment of our three part series “Content is King, Context is Queen and he with the most backlinks wins” we will discuss Backlinks.

What is a backlink?
There are two basic types of backlinks, back links on your own website and backlinks from other websites. In this video and article we will discuss both.
On Page Search Engine Optimization
On site SEO and creating backlinks on your own website is the easiest way to develop backlinks. You may have noticed in our many articles on our own website that we interlink other articles and pages together using anchor keywords.
Off Page Search […]

18th January 2011 No Comments

Does the Context of Your Articles Earn a Queen’s Crown?

Context is Queen – Part 2

In last week’s SEO Tip of the Week we discussed Content is King and the importance of developing great content for your visitors and the search engines, in this week’s SEO tip of the week we will discuss the importance of Context and why Context is Queen.
Before I begin I’d like you to think about context and not just in the terms of developing content for your website but in the scope of everyday life.
The content of what we speak can be different in how we say it. For example, the context of how you […]

9th January 2011 1 Comment

Are You Up For The WP 2011 Challenge?

Content is King, Context is Queen, He with the most links wins!
If you have been involved in Internet Marketing I’m sure that you have heard this adage before but what does this exactly mean?
In this three part series we will discuss each facet and in this week’s SEO Tip of the week we will discuss Content is King.
Part One – Web Content
In Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville’s book “Information Architecture for the World Wide Web” they write, “We define content broadly as the stuff on your website, this may include documents, data, applications, e-services, images, audio and video files, personal […]

7th January 2011 3 Comments



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