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Local Search Ranking Factors 2012

If you want to get your local business listed high in Google’s Local Search results review these top local search ranking factors for 2012 from David Mihm.

12th June 2012 6 Comments

Local Search Marketing Webinar

When someone searches for your goods or services online, will they find you, or a competitor?
Today we hosted a Local Search webinar discussing the recent trends and opportunities for small business owners and agencies/individuals who are interested in Local Search.
During this 77-minute Local Search Webinar we discussed topics such as:

Emerging trends in mobile, GPS and Google Places
The growing importance of online search and how why it is important for local businesses to have a optimized Internet presence
Keyword tools for Local Search
The Google Places Algorithm and the 5 most important factors for optimization
The five most important factors for optimization for a […]

17th March 2011 6 Comments

Are You Still Chasing Google?

If you’re still chasing Google around trying to beat out their algorithm let me give you a little a little tip going into 2011, STOP!

Instead here is a suggestion from Matt Cutts that he gave during his keynote address at Pubcon this year “Don’t look at us where we are today, but look at the direction we are moving and what we are focusing on, the big five are the Mobile Web, Local Search, Social, Blended results in the SERPS and HTML5”
The Mobile Web:
The mobile web refers to mobile applications or browser based access to the Internet from a handheld […]

29th December 2010 3 Comments

How Do You Rank a Phone Book?

This perhaps is the number one question Google thinks about each day since their roll out of Local Search on April 1, 2009 and certainly something that every local business owner in should concern themselves with too.
Google estimates that ten billion searches each month or 20% of all desk top searches or have local intent and Bing reported recently that over 53% of the searches done with mobile devices have local intent.
Because of the increasing growth in the Local Search landscape a dramatic overhaul has been done in the SERPs over the past few months where Local results have entirely […]

15th December 2010 9 Comments

Local Search SEO and IM

Today is day two at Pubcon Las Vegas and the first session I attended today was titled Local Search SEO and IM, here are my take aways from this session;
Moderator Brad Geddes
Speakers; William Leake – Apogee Search, Michael Dorausch – Planet Chiropractic, Eric Bramlett – One Source Realty
Eric Bramlett
Local Search is getting allot more competitive
Alintitle for “las vegas real estate” over 900,000 results
SEO is becoming more popular for local search
You need to prepare yourself for the future
Typically when searching for a local product you start with the root keyword, i.e.: dry cleaner, you receive local results based upon your IP.
The […]

10th November 2010 2 Comments

Local Search Webinar

My greatest reward in helping others becoming successful online is when one of our students follows through and becomes one of my many success stories, case in point, Roseann Higgins.
Roseann owns a Phoenix matchmaking service which focuses on single professional men and women in the metro area.
Rosann started attending our free SEO Marketing Meetups several months ago and subscribed to our free SEO Tip of the week.
During Roseann’s first MeetUp she got to sit in our “hot seat” for a review of her website.
To say that Roseanne’s website was atrocious would be a complement. She had hired a local developer […]

21st July 2010 2 Comments

QR Codes Explained | Google Places Local Search

Google’s newest mobile marketing campaign in Google Places –focuses on providing “QR Codes” for your local business.
Recently Google began by sending out QR Code Decals to over 190,000 local businesses across the United States. Google is determining the highest traffic and most clicked Local Place pages for the initial roll-out, following with a full release.
The main reason for the QR Code is so that local businesses can display a unique QR Code on their place page so that people can scan the image with their smart phone and find detailed information about their business. (Our QR Code in in the […]

10th July 2010 2 Comments

Bing – How to Claim Your Local Listing

One of most popular SEO training segments during our advanced SEO Training Workshop covers Local Search SEO.
At our recent Las Vegas and Phoenix workshops we had small business owners who were interested in learning how to optimize their own listings, students who worked with other SEO agencies and even a handful of students who were in the process of starting their own Local Search consulting business.
During this workshop we discuss the 55 most important factors in Local Search Optimization and #1 on this list is claiming your business listing.
So to say the least I felt a little embarrassed when I […]

8th July 2010 15 Comments

Give Your Google Places Some of Your Love!

97% Of Your Customers Use Online Media to Shop Locally!
According to BIA/Kelsey’s newest study on local search, if you’re a local brick and mortar business 97% of your customers use online media when they are researching new products or services in their local area (www.kelseygroup.com).
“The Internet has indeed become an integral part of consumers’ local commercial activity,” said Steve Marshall, director of research, BIA/Kelsey. “The data suggest we’re at an inflection point where the balance of power in local shopping is shifting to online.”
Several years ago Google began harnessing the power of local search when it launched its Local Business […]

2nd June 2010 4 Comments

Local Search SEO Seminar

Have you ever been in a situation when once you feel that you totally understand the rules of the game someone then comes along and changes the rules and the entire environment of the game changes?
That’s exactly how many Internet Marketers and I felt when Google changed the landscape of local search on April 6th when they announced on their blog that they would now include local search results in their regular organic listings.
Several months ago I was asked to be a featured speaker regarding local search at the Off Line Gold Summit held this past weekend in Las Vegas. […]

1st May 2009 4 Comments



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