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Teleseminar With Joe Sugarman

The Genius of Joe Sugarman
“Imagine if you had the power to control people’s minds and had the power to motivate, influence and persuade them to agree to anything you want?”
Joe Sugarman, the best selling author and top copywriter who achieved legendary fame in direct marketing in the 1980’s with his company JS&A perfected these skills on a mass scale by studying the ads that achieved a high degree of success and discovered certain underlying psychological triggers that activated psychological forces deep with the subconscious brain that motivated people to buy.
The results: Through the effective use of psychological triggers, Joe went […]

8th May 2010 2 Comments

Sugarman Speaks at SEO Training SW Class

Joe Sugarman, builder of the BluBlocker Sunglasses empire, was our special guest at our SEO Training SW class in Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2010.
The marketing and advertising legend then came to Phoenix, Arizona to speak to the students of the SEO Training SW 5-day class. Presenting the talk that normally pays him thousands of dollars per appearance, Joe effortlessly created another rendition of his famous “slippery slide.” The audience was helpless and hanging on every word.
Joe Sugarman is the famous advertising copywriter and the best-selling author of the classic cult-like bible, “Triggers.” Joe shared with the class how he […]

29th March 2010 2 Comments

Life Changing Events!

My daughter Erin, was by my side during the heyday of Radarbusters; answering the hundreds of telephone calls, emails, packing the orders and pitching in with copywriting and image editing.
She was also by my side when we received the phone call from Netshops offering to buy our empire of websites and social media properties for over seven figures.
After this life changing phone call with both Erin and I celebrating that we were millionaires, she broke the news to me “Dad, I have a boyfriend (Thomas) in Flagstaff and we are in love, we are getting
married. We just didn’t know […]

27th January 2010 2 Comments

Joe Sugarman Speaks with SEO Training Class

There’s only one thing more fun for me than teaching my week long intensive SEO Training class. That one thing is being a student in my own class. While I love to teach, I also love to learn things from my students. Last Thursday, was in particular a tremendous thrill for me.
Marketing legend Joe Sugarman came to town specifically to address our class. As many of you know, I minored in advertising in college. Joe Sugarman was an icon I began following in the 1970’s.
In a fascinating 1-2 hour presentation, Joe took all of us on a ride through much […]

24th January 2010 4 Comments

Are You the Real Joe Sugarman?

My background in Internet Advertising actually started taking root way back in the seventies when I majored in television and film production with a minor in advertising at Grahm Junior College in Boston, Ma.
One of my most memorable classes was when a professor introduced us to the writing style of Joe Sugarman, who owned JS&A Group Inc, America’s largest source of Spaced-Age products such as the Pocket Yellow Pages, the Soviet Challenge chess game and the Nuclear Mailbox.
At that time Joe was the Direct Marketing Man of the Year and in 1991 was presented with the prestigious Maxwell […]

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