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What Was Your Turning Point in Internet Marketing?

Being involved in Internet Marketing for over 15 years I often look back at the road traveled during this incredible journey to help me gain perspective of what I’ve learned and where I hope to be in the years ahead.

Internet Marketing Brainstorming Poolside – SEO Training Mastermind

This past weekend we held a 2-day get together and brainstorming session for our Mastermind members and thought it would be fun to ask each what they thought their biggest turning point was in developing their own online business, here are some of their responses:
Matt: Eight months ago Matt quit his full time […]

12th July 2011 2 Comments

Information Overload Causes Trust Decline

Recently, Steve Rubel, EVP of Global Strategy and Insights for Edelman during his presentation at Mashable Connect 2011 said that;

“The reality is, there’s too much content and not enough time,” says Rubel. “More content will be created today than existed in entirety before 2003.” With limited time and attention spans, people are experiencing information overload as well as “people overload.” Rubel called it a “friending arms race,” referring to the Facebook phenomena in which “he or she who dies with the most ‘friends’ wins.”
The 2011 Trust Barometer survey shows a massive shift in trust, with academics, experts and technical experts […]

14th May 2011 No Comments

Internet Marketing and SEO Meetup Teleseminar

Tonight I hosted our June Teleseminar for our Az SEO and Internet Marketing MeetUp Group with a total of 36 members during the call.
Here is a recap of questions and comments during the event:
Ryan – Surprise Az:
If you could pick one philosophy, approach or mentality that was most helpful in empowering you to make money for yourself, instead of other people, what would that be?
Kelly – Phoenix Az:
1) Say I’m trying to think of a name for my web site/product. Where do you recommend we go to see if the name is being used?
2) I heard Go Daddy is not […]

9th June 2009 6 Comments

SEO Workshop – Day Two

This week I’m having my Search Engine Optimization training workshop in Phoenix, Az. We have a total of five students in this SEO class one being the owner of a SEO firm, a high school teacher, the owner of a sporting goods company, a project manager of a company offering educational programs and a work at home business person.
During our first day we focused on keyword research , latent semantic indexing (LSI), developing content , increasing conversions and the power of social media . During the first part of day two we focused on landing pages and linking strategies.
At this […]

1st April 2009 2 Comments

My Biggest StomperNet Take Away Ever!

It’s hard to describe what StomperNet in only a few words to those not familiar with our community of hard core Internet Marketing entrepreneurs, but I will try my best.
Imagine having at its core the brightest teachers and leaders in their respective niches spanning the entire landscape of online and offline marketing such as blogging, SEO, PPC, video, podcasting, web design, print advertising and coding. Then imagine these same experts assemble their BEST material providing it to members in a vast video library while also offering one on one coaching.
I’ve been a Stomper since it’s inception in 2005 when my […]

9th March 2009 3 Comments

Creating Tribes of Raving Fans

Last night I stayed up late to publish the “Core Influence ” post about the importance of knowing who your core customer is. Then this morning I received an e-mail from a new member of my radar detector tribe who thanked me for taking the time to respond to HIS questions, commenting that I earned his business.
This e-mail from John is a perfect example of knowing who your core customer is and how to engage them especially since I’ve sold my Radarbuster’s network over two years ago!
My moniker “Radar Roy” became the third most used term in Google by […]

26th February 2009 3 Comments

How to Find Your First Niche

One of the first questions I hear from new Internet Marketers is “How Do I Find My Niches?”
When I ran the RadarBusters network I developed a simple method to seek out prospective clients that were interested in my products/services and then engage them in conversation before they ever entered into the “buying funnel”.
Then as my network increased to over 45 websites, I needed to identify a process where I could identify new products/services that were of interest to these clients and then add to them websites.
For the first time ever during this ten minute video presentation, I reveal to the […]

22nd February 2009 8 Comments

Stop Selling – Create Lust!

One of my biggest mantras when I owned and operated the RadarBusters network of websites was “I don’t sell radar detectors, I sell Radar Roy and the experience”
My internet business really took off after I developed a mindset that I wasn’t selling radar detectors on my websites, what I was selling was the “Radar Roy” persona and the “Fantasy Result” of not getting tickets.
“Radar Roy” became the expert in the radar detector arena and grew to be the fourth most used term when searching for a radar detector.
As “Radar Roy” became the trustworthy source in the industry I was able […]

6th February 2009 6 Comments



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