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What’s Google Panda Update All About?

What is the Google Panda Update? This 6-minute video explains to Google Panda update along with 2 simple SEO tips you can use to rank at the top of Google’s search results.

13th March 2012 No Comments

How to Recover from Panda

Has your site taken a dive in Google’s SERPs?
If your website experience a sudden drop in Google’s Search Engine Results pages for your main keyword terms, it could be due to a number of issues.
But chances are if your decrease in your websites ranking has happened within the past six months the likely culprit is Panda.
First, here is the current timeline of the Panda updates.
Panda 1.0 – 2/23/2011
Also called the “Farmer Update” Google’s first Panda update went live on February 23, 2011 within the U.S.A. and Google related that this algorithm change impacted over 12% of the results in their […]

14th September 2011 4 Comments

Google Panda 2.2 Update and MORE!

Over the past couple weeks there have been several dramatic updates in both the Google Algorithm, Google’s suite of SEO tools, the layout and appearance of their search engine results pages and of course the roll out of Google plus.
During our SEO Mastermind last week we discussed several of these recent changes and how they will impact you as an Internet Marketer and the future direction of SEO.
The following YouTube video is a 15-minute segment of this Mastermind session where David Evans discusses the Google Panda 2.2 update along with comments from our group.

What are your thoughts in the direction […]

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