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Google Buzz Teleseminar with Chris Lang

Tonight we hosted a one hour Teleseminar with Chris Lang, the “Nostradamus” of Google.
Over the past several weeks Chris has had several of his WordPress Blogs that are (were) hosted on GoDaddy hacked into with the Base64 virus not once, but three times.
The most recent attack was just hours before his Teleseminar, so I really appreciate his commitment and being able to be our guest.
During Chris’s one hour presentation, Chris discussed:

If you’re hosting WordPress sites on GoDaddy, Blue Host, Network Solutions what you need to know about the recent attacks and how to fix your blog/site if it becomes infected.

13th May 2010 8 Comments

Google Buzz Teleseminar

Breaking News!!!
If you own a brick and mortar business then your own clients will be posting Google Buzz reports on your business as their experiences with you OCCUR!
Good or bad it will be public to anyone looking for your location on Google maps and this means search too!
The fact is that Google has now made Google Maps a new real time, crucial piece of the Google social network.
Therefore it is critical that you start building upon your Google Buzz following Now!
Free Gbuzz Teleseminar!
On May 13th at 7:00 PM Pacific, SEO Training SW and the Search Engine Academy SW present a […]

7th May 2010 4 Comments

Lets Get Buzzed!

Last night the “Nostradamus of Google”, Chris Lang, was our featured speaker at our SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup.
Chris’s presentation was about Google Buzz which is Google’s newest social media program.
Google Buzz is now a part of Gmail and it allows people to follow that they e-mail or chat with on a regular basis.
Google Buzz users can choose to make their updates private, only available to certain people, or public in which case Google’s search engine can find and display in the SERP’s (search engine results pages).
So why did Google launch Buzz? As Chris explains in the following videos it […]

26th February 2010 4 Comments



We hit the
sweet spot.