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Help, My Website Was Banned by Google!

Yesterday I received this “cry for help” from an old friend asking me for advice who is involved in Internet Marketing in the home entertainment industry.
His main website which brings in over $40,000 a month and 40% of his companies revenue, was just banned by Google!

My old friend also attached his email from Google advising him of their ban.

I took a look at my friend’s website and after a few minutes spotted the problem.
As discussed in last week’s SEO tip of the week Google is in the process of draining the cesspool of sites from their index, which violate their […]

9th October 2011 3 Comments

Post Mortem Banned Sites Forensics

Moderator Ken Jurina
Aaron Shear, Shopping.com
Michael Marshall, Internet Marketing Analysts
Michael Gray, Atlas Web Serivce
When you expect that Google has banned your websites
Michael Marshall – BANNED BY Google – How it happens and What to Do
Rude Awakening

You all of sudden discover that your site is missing from Google results
Or they gradually disappear

First rule out the following

Check robots.txt file (maybe changed through a hack)
NOINDEX Meta tag
Egregious Server downtime
Webmaster made changes to site on navigation

In the case of a gradual slipping of visibility do some competitive Intelligence before you panic before you conclude that you’ve been thrown into Google prison
The Usual Suspects

Victim of copied […]

10th November 2010 5 Comments



We hit the
sweet spot.