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EBook – Keys to Success in Affiliate Marketing

Ginette Degner started on her journey as an affiliate marketer way back in 1993 not only as an affiliate marketer, but also as an affiliate manager consulting with Apple, CNET and even Microsoft.
And today she is regarded as being one of the top affiliate marketing instructors in the industry.
Typically Ginette charges hundreds of dollars an hour for personal one-on-one time and her schedule is packed.
But somehow Ginette squeezed in a few hours of her time, publishing her new eBook “Keys to Success in Affiliate Marketing”.
In her free eBook Ginette provides her top 5 Keys to Success along with her valuable […]

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Free eBook – How to Launch Your Small Business Online

Are you feeling frustrated because the old school method of marketing your small business just isn’t giving you the results you need?
Does online marketing have you totally confused?
If so you’re not alone and that is why we created this free 12-page step-by-step eBook to get you started.
This free Local Marketing eBook will save you tons of time and money and walks you through the steps of

Getting your own domain name
Setting up you e-mail address
Where to host your website
Important considerations on developing your website
What you need to put on your home page
What you need to put on your other pages
How to […]

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