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Google’s QDF Update – How fresh is the content on your website?

Has your site been tumbling or are you looking for ways to get your site a little boost in Google’s SERPs? This article discusses Google’s recent QDF algorithm update in which Google gives preference to fresh and timely content and buries stinky old content.

15th January 2012 1 Comment

Does Your Content STINK??

Your customers have all closed the doors on the traditional forms of marketing such as Yellow Page advertising, newspaper ads and even television commercials.

So in order to survive in this new online world you decided that you’re going to market your business online, however months later you discover that this isn’t working either.

So now you now your asking yourself, why isn’t my marketing working anymore and why isn’t anyone buying my stuff?

At this months AZIMA seminar our guest speaker was Joe Pulizzi the “man” of the content marketing world and author of “Get Content, Get Customers”.

Discover his 10 reason why your content stinks and how you can fix it!

9th February 2011 No Comments



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