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Google + For Business

If you run a business you MUST watch this 55-minute video presentation from Chris Lang, “The Nostradamus of Google”. During this video Chris explains why he feels Google Places will be dead in 2012 and why Google Plus for Business will be replacing it. Chris will also walk you through the steps on how you can claim and optimize your Google + page(s).

20th December 2011 3 Comments

Google Buzz Teleseminar with Chris Lang

Tonight we hosted a one hour Teleseminar with Chris Lang, the “Nostradamus” of Google.
Over the past several weeks Chris has had several of his WordPress Blogs that are (were) hosted on GoDaddy hacked into with the Base64 virus not once, but three times.
The most recent attack was just hours before his Teleseminar, so I really appreciate his commitment and being able to be our guest.
During Chris’s one hour presentation, Chris discussed:

If you’re hosting WordPress sites on GoDaddy, Blue Host, Network Solutions what you need to know about the recent attacks and how to fix your blog/site if it becomes infected.

13th May 2010 8 Comments

Google Wave – Catch the Wave Now!

Over the past month I’ve been following Chris Lang who is one of Google’s Analysts and is one of the Beta testers for Google Wave on his website TheGwave.net website.
Chris and I first met at my Phoenix SEO and Internet Marketing MeetUp in July where he invited me to his first public demonstration of Google’s new social media platform last week here in Phoenix.
First off if you think that Google Wave is just some other social media tool such as Twitter, Facebook or whatever you are WRONG!
Google is an entirely new platform for communication and collaboration with your friends, family, […]

3rd September 2009 11 Comments



We hit the
sweet spot.