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Local Search SEO Seminar

Have you ever been in a situation when once you feel that you totally understand the rules of the game someone then comes along and changes the rules and the entire environment of the game changes?
That’s exactly how many Internet Marketers and I felt when Google changed the landscape of local search on April 6th when they announced on their blog that they would now include local search results in their regular organic listings.
Several months ago I was asked to be a featured speaker regarding local search at the Off Line Gold Summit held this past weekend in Las Vegas. […]

1st May 2009 4 Comments

What’s All the Fuss about Twitter?

Many Internet Marketers call Social Media the “new gold rush” because the opportunities it has afforded to those who have implemented social media into their marketing campaigns and because there are no rules.
I agree that SM opens new opportunities to market your goods and/or services; however to really take advantage of the power of the social media landscape and build a loyal following there are a few simple rules you should know and follow.
My Arizona SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup presentation last Thursday night was “What is All This Fuss About Twitter” and I discussed the importance of properly creating […]

19th April 2009 2 Comments

SEO MasterMind – Teleseminar

Every Successful Internet marketer I know participates in at least one MasterMind!
One of my most memorable comments I recall an associate of mine making during one of my first MasterMind calls was that “Internet years are measured in dog years ” and in order to remain competitive in our online marketplace we need to network with other successful marketers.
Personally I found SEO forums as a big time waster in that there was so much information and debate that I would get caught up in the conversation and that it was hard for me to sift through all the information. […]

14th April 2009 2 Comments

SEO Workshop – Day Two

This week I’m having my Search Engine Optimization training workshop in Phoenix, Az. We have a total of five students in this SEO class one being the owner of a SEO firm, a high school teacher, the owner of a sporting goods company, a project manager of a company offering educational programs and a work at home business person.
During our first day we focused on keyword research , latent semantic indexing (LSI), developing content , increasing conversions and the power of social media . During the first part of day two we focused on landing pages and linking strategies.
At this […]

1st April 2009 2 Comments

I Got Naked at Our Meetup!

You may have heard on how I exposed myself at Thursday’s nights Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Meetup before an audience of 45 Internet Marketers.
No, it wasn’t that ugly as you’re perhaps thinking right now, I did remain clothed throughout my presentation.
But I did strip down my website(s) before our group, revealing all my secrets on how I implemented the “Persuasive Metaphor ” to create trust and desire on my old Radarbusters network and on my new SEO Training SW website.
My first exposure to “subliminal suggestion ” was back in 1975 while majoring in television and film production. Subliminal […]

19th March 2009 1 Comment

My Secret Weapon; SEO Scout

“A quiet technology revolution – one that will radically change the way the Internet works – is likely to catch the world off guard. It involves the “semantic web” – a way of organizing and presenting web content not as documents but items of data that are linked by both meaning and relationship ”
– Tom Lube, Harvard Business Review, February 2009
I first heard about the semantic web in a presentation by Michael Marshall in 2004 at a Search Engine Academy Workshop. I have to admit when I first heard Michael explain the semantic web, latent semantic indexing, natural language processing […]

11th March 2009 3 Comments

Are You In the News?

Are you ignoring the power of newspapers, television and radio?
If so you’re not alone many Internet Marketers often overlook the importance of creating news releases to publicize their products and/or services,  blowing it off saying “who cares, my  company/website/life isn’t really that interesting.”
But pick any newspaper, read the blogs, they are full of stories of average Joe’s (the Plumber) doing something interesting that captures the editors interest and adds their story to their paper.
When I owned the RadarBusters network I would set aside a day a month to write about something that I felt would be interesting in my niche, […]

4th March 2009 7 Comments

Creating Tribes of Raving Fans

Last night I stayed up late to publish the “Core Influence ” post about the importance of knowing who your core customer is. Then this morning I received an e-mail from a new member of my radar detector tribe who thanked me for taking the time to respond to HIS questions, commenting that I earned his business.
This e-mail from John is a perfect example of knowing who your core customer is and how to engage them especially since I’ve sold my Radarbuster’s network over two years ago!
My moniker “Radar Roy” became the third most used term in Google by […]

26th February 2009 3 Comments

Create a Buzz with SEO and Social Media

At last week’s Phoenix Internet Marketing and SEO Training Meetup I discussed the importance in creating a point of difference in your market place and power of using video and quality content to engage your audience to create desire and trust for your products and services.
One side benefit of doing this type of marketing is that you create a “buzz” in your niche and not only do perspective clients stand up and take notice but others in your industry take notice of your message.
In the previous post on how I use the Google news reader to monitor my name and […]

25th February 2009 2 Comments

We’re In the SERP’s Already?

I’m preparing for my official launch later this week as we still have some work to on the site and scheduling of our first class.
So I can hit the road running after we launch, last night I took one of my “traffic magnet” videos that was optimized for “AZ SEO Training” and “Arizona SEO Training” and uploaded it to several of the social media video services we use. My plan was to add a few social bookmarks to these videos later this week so I didn’t expect that they would or index till then.
So this morning I was a bit suprised of a few emails […]

11th February 2009 1 Comment



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