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Affiliate Marketing Primer

Becoming an affiliate by promoting someone else’s products or services on your blog is a great way to make money online. You can earn commissions anywhere from 4% to 75% depending on what products you promote.
Here is how you can get started:
1 – Find a Niche
First you need to find a niche that you want to promote products for.  We recommend focusing on a niche that you have a passion for. This is because you’ll be writing reviews, articles and perhaps creating videos for the products.
Example, lets say you LOVE to fish for bass and you live in Arizona.
While you’re […]

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Affiliate Marketing Workshop

Did you buy one of those Internet Marketing Guru’s affiliate marketing programs finding that it wasn’t as easy as that guru promised it would be?
This weekend Ginette Degner and I hosted our affiliate marketing workshop and several of our students shared your same frustrations, spending thousands of dollars for some secret SEO tools and/or one of those “magic programs” that promised riches.
As a very successful online marketer, I know that one tidbit of information that many of these gurus leave out of their sales presentation for 2 very basic reasons;

If they shared this with you, chances are that you would […]

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Affiliate Marketing Webinar Replay

How do you find a niche product that can make you real money as an affiliate?
How do you find the best offers to promote as an affiliate?
Do I really need to have a website to get started in affiliate marketing?
These were several of the questions that were answered during our 1-hour webinar with affiliate manager Ginette Degner.
Ginette has been involved as an affiliate manager since the mid 90’s working with corporations such as Apple, Microsoft and Dragon Door and is one of the leading experts in the US.
During Ginette’s webinar she shows you how to:

Find great niche products to promote
What […]

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Hot Topics in Affiliate Marketing

My favorite session today was “Hot Topics in Affiliate Marketing” with Janna Lord moderating with speakers Jerry West from SEORevolution, Elisabeth Archambault an independent affiliate marketer and Rae Hoffman from Outspoken media.
Jerry West
Jerry has been one of my personal coaches and mentors since 2001 so I must admit I may be a little biased when I say that his presentation was the best overall I had attended today <grin>
Jerry opened his presentation by saying something that I would agree with 100%, that affiliate marketing is hard and not as easy as some of those SEO gurus would like you […]

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Why You Should Consider Starting an Affiliate Program.

This week I am at Pubcon Las Vegas which is one of the largest and oldest Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing conferences in the world. Over the next couple weeks I’ll be publishing some of my “take aways”.
The first breakout that I attended this morning was titled “Why You Should Consider Starting an Affiliate Network”  moderated by Chuck Hamrick and chaired by Jamie Burke of JEBCommerce, Griffin Granberg of ClearVision Media, Adam Riemer of Adam Rimer Marketing LLC and Jamie Birch of JEBCommerce.
Four Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re considering starting an Affiliate Program
1.       Your competition  is doing it
2.       […]

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Affiliate Marketing Seminar Follow up

On June 27th we hosted our teleseminar “Can You Really Make Money in Affiliate Advertising”.
During this Seminar there were references to several resources. I want to make sure you have them and an explanation for each.
Link Cloaking or protecting your links. I wrote an article on the four ways to cloak a link and why: AffiliateIdeaFactory
GoTryThis.com is a service that provides link redirects, URL shortening and tracking specifically for marketers. It is designed to protect and track your links. Their fees are monthly and charge $14.95 a month for up to 50,000 monthly clicks.
What is a CPA network?
A CPA offer […]

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We hit the
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