SEO/SEM Coaching

“Three clients have become Internet millionaires through my personal one on one mentorship!”
I want YOU to be number four! – Radar Roy

One on One personal coaching and mentorship is provided free of charge to all graduates of the Arizona SEO Workshops for six months, a value worth up to $1200.00! *

Since my retirement as a police officer over twelve years ago, I have been involved in Internet Marketing and certified as an instructor in Advanced Search Engine Optimization.

In 1998 I launched a network of Internet sites that specialized in automotive electronics. My flagship site, obtained what is regarded as the “trifecta” in the industry, holding the number one position in Google, Yahoo and MSN for over five years! My network of web sites so dominated this industry that I would say to my competitors: “In order for you to survive you can sue me, join me, or acquire me “.

Then in 2007 one of my fiercest competitors took him up on his challenge and bought me out for over seven figures and then hired me as a consultant!

Schedule and Registration for SEO Training Workshops

With My One on One Mentorship and Coaching you will sharpen your skills you learn at my workshops such as….

  • Do the research and choose the correct keyword phrases for your industry.
  • Do Latent Semantic Indexing and learn how to identify the words required for your web site to rank.
  • Write engaging articles for your web site
  • Submit articles to Social Media web site’s
  • Setup a WordPress Blog
  • Use Video, the most powerful marketing tool today on the Internet
  • Develop a web site and create graphics, squeeze pages and forms
  • Create and maintaining a mailing list
  • Learn how to “ping” your social media websites
  • Tweet” on Twitter
  • Have a warrior mindset
  • Make your client feel like a hero.

Clients that have used my One on One Mentorship and Coaching techniques have:

  • Moved their business out from their garage, hiring additional employees to keep up with orders!
  • Began working for a life style and not a paycheck.
  • Became Internet Millionaires!

In the next two years it is projected that there will be a 300% increase in new Internet users and over One Trillion Dollars of Wealth will be created on-line in the next ten years. Take action now by signing up NOW for my next Arizona Search Engine Workshop and claim YOUR PIECE of the action!

Schedule and Registration for SEO Training Workshops

“I wanted to thank you for a very lively, information packed training session. It was truly mind boggling. When I left my brain was almost numb from the amount of relevant info you conveyed. I didn’t sleep a lot last night thinking of how to put all this to work. I would say I got more than my money’s worth and would reccommend your seminar to anyone looking to get a handle on what’s happening on the Internet today.” Larry – Humane Society, Wickenburg, Az.

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Webinar Replay How to Increase Conversions and Traffic to Your Website

October 16th, 2014


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