Phoenix SEO Training Workshops

Next Phoenix SEO Workshop Pending – Jan 2011

The SEO Training SW offers 2, 3 and 5-day SEO training courses. The 2-day Essentials SEO training course offers students strategies and tactics to get your website indexed appropriately and quickly.

The 3-day Advanced SEO training course gives you additional strategies and tactics employed by top SEM agencies nationwide. Finally the 5-day Comprehensive SEO training course offers you everything you need to know to get your website listed in the search engines and most importantly, market your website successfully to your visitors once they arrive.


New Topics for 2010!

New Discover all of the latest high-performance SEO skills for 2010 at the Phoenix Search Engine Academy. Gain exemplary skills in advanced local search. Study actual client success examples and step up your own creativity using things like video optimization success strategies for high traffic and conversion.

Prior students who have attended our one week training class have commented that this single two hour segment on local search was worth the entire tuition of the one week workshop in that it enabled them to immediately start creating their own local search consulting business.

New – YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world and is also owned by Google. Do you know how to optimize your videos for SEO and get them on the Search Engine Results Pages of Google?  Get the skills you will need to create your own videos using a low cost video camera and to optimize your videos so they show up in Google’s Universal search listings.

New – Keyword Research and SEO Tools – Once you take this segment of our Workshop, you will discover when you “Look at Google with a fresh pair of ‘Google Eyes,’ you will see everything you need to know on how to properly market your website and identify\ your keywords for organic and PPC. Plus, you’ll learn how to optimize your written copy to utilize “Natural Language Processing.”

You will be walked through tips and tricks utilizing Google’s Keyword Tool, the Wonder Wheel, Google Insight for Search. You will also learn how to use other subscription paid keyword tools including Market Samurai, Word Tracker and SpyF

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  1. Schedule, Location and Registration for our Phoenix SEO Workshops

2-day Essentials SEO Training Course

SEO Training Course Day 1

  • Discover a complete 6-step system for performing effective search engine marketing
  • Learn how to perform keyword research that will attract your target market
  • Write content that will turn visitors into customers
  • Free Keyword tools Google Keyword tool, Insight for search, Wonder Wheel
  • Find out the importance of keyword placement on your web pages and where to actually place the keywords
  • Discover how to improve your Click-through Ratios
  1. Schedule, Location and Registration for our Phoenix SEO Workshops

SEO Training Course Day 2

  • Learn optimal techniques to get your pages indexed by the Search Engines.
  • Find out what it takes to monitor your progress and the tools to help you.
  • Understand the benefits of working with ranges of pages.
  • Discover what it takes to stay out of trouble with the search engines by learning about anti-spamming guidelines.
  • Learn why submitting your site to directories is important and how to choose the correct directories.
  • What is Link Popularity and why is it important.
  • Receive internal and external link building strategies that will make it easier for the search engines to find your web pages.
  • Learn about the missing element in SEO: Creativity and find out how you too can get your creative juices flowing!
  • Basics of Local Search
  • Why blogs are so important and blogging tips
  • Get your site reviewed and walk away with a customized action-plan to get your website optimized for maximum performance.
  • Learn about technologies that can improve your conversion rates and capture phone calls right from your web site.

Register now for either our Las Vegas SEO Training Workshop or our Phoenix SEO Training Workshop


  1. Schedule, Location and Registration for our Phoenix SEO Workshops

3-Day Advanced SEO Training Course

SEO Training Course Day 1

  • Review the 6-step optimization process taught in the Essentials class to help you retain this important information.
  • Work on advanced keyword research strategies.
  • Learn techniques that will help you write effective sales copy that gets results.
  • Understand how the personalization of search results is changing the rules.
  • Find out the best approaches for setting up a blog and learn about the art of blogging.
  • Creative ideas for implementing user generated content (UGC).
  • Learn advanced Local Search techniques
  • More custom website reviews.

SEO Training Course Day 2

  • What is Natural Language Procession g and how can it help my website?
  • “Google Eyes” – Looking at Google with a fresh pair of “Google Eyes” to identify the theme and keyword triggers you should have in your copy.
  • How to develop a unique selling proposition that retains your visitor’s interest and gets them digging deeper into our web sites.
  • Video Marketing, how to optimize your videos for video social marketing
  • Why are database driven sites unique when it comes to SEO and how can we make sure we get maximum advantage from SEO?
  • What is Social Media Marketing and how can it help boost sales?
  • How to quickly gain exposure in Google, Yahoo!, and others within 24 to 48 hours
  • What is Pay Per Click and who are the players?
  • How to optimize your copy for Google Adwords to receive high quality scores while lowering your bid price and increasing placement.
  • How to use Google Webmaster tools and Yahoo Site Explorer
  • Learn how to implement Google Analytics on your website and why this is a must!
  • Find out about the tools offered by the search engines to increase your web site’s success

SEO Training Course Day 3

  • Learn about competitive intelligence and multi-variate analysis and how these tools can help increase your website’s rankings
  • Learn the power of article marketing
  • What problems might your site run in to and how can they be fixed? Will talk about technical issues that come up.
  • Sure fire strategies to build your SEO business
  • Group Q&A
  • Final Exam
  • Wrap-up and awards

Register now for either our Las Vegas SEO Training Workshop or our Phoenix SEO Training Workshop


5-Day Comprehensive SEO Training Course

The 5-day comprehensive SEO training course is a combination of the 2-day Essentials course and the 3-day Advanced course offered in a one-week timeframe. Even if you think you know the basics, it is highly recommended that you take the full five day course.

Save Money!

You save around $500 when you sign up for the full week and take advantage of the early-bird special!

Leverage Knowledge

The Comprehensive course gives you everything you need to know to optimize and market your website effectively.

Make New Friends

When you spend a week with fellow classmates, you make friends for life! It’s fun to connect with like-minded professionals.

Search Engine Optimization Certification

At the end of the 5-Day Comprehensive and the 3-Day Advanced workshops, students can choose to be tested on the knowledge they have retained during the workshop. Students who take the exam and receive a score of 76% or above on the online exam will receive Search Engine Optimization Certification.

As a Certified Advanced Search Engine Marketer, you will receive a search engine optimization certificate which you can proudly display. In addition, you will receive a Search Engine Workshops seal in a web image format for you to display on your website that tells all who come to your site that you have been trained in Search Engine Marketing best practices and have search engine optimization certification.

CEU Credits

The Search Engine Academy of Arizona training courses have been certified through the University of Southern Mississippi, home state of Robin Nobles, founder of the Search Engine Academy. Not only can you receive search engine optimization certification, you can choose to earn 1.3 CEU’s for completing the Essentials workshop, 2.0 CEU’s for the advanced Workshop and 3.3 CEUs for completing the comprehensive course. Many employers will pay for workshops and seminars when they can be taken for CEU’s. Please contact “Radar” Roy more information

Our Phoenix SEO Training Workshop is located at the offices of Intramedia Solutions located at 2226 W. Northern Ave; Suite C-212, Phoenix Arizona

For our students traveling to Phoenix from out of state, here is a listing of hotels listed in the vacinity on Google Maps

For directions to our SEO Training Workshop, here is our listing in Google Local

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