Pumping Life into Sales

Google number 1Even a business selling tire pressure monitoring systems needs life pumped into it. Making it online in the highly competitive niche for companies and customers that rely on transportation products and services requires a real roadmap for success. Carol and Duane Sprague found theirs. They created their own winning SEO roadmap to success after attending one of our SEO Training Workshops as the owners of the successful website driven business, www.tirepressuremonitor.com.

When we first started our tire pressure monitor business, I created our own website and knew absolutely nothing about any of it, recalls Carol. I picked up a free template and started typing. I worked on building the website for an entire month, and was very proud of it when I was done. It was one page.

I expected rave reviews from our manufacturer. What I got was a reply from the president saying we should get someone’s expert opinion on how to build a website. It was a real slap in the face.

I had no concept of the complexity of having a successful website. I just thought a simple one page entry would bring us orders. The bottom line was we wanted to be successful. So, we went looking for an SEO expert, and chose “Radar” Roy Reyer of the Search Engine Academy.

It Was Like Star Wars Type of Advancements

That’s how Duane Sprague describes the complete overhaul of the company’s website and internet marketing efforts after taking Roy’s class. To put it another way, it was like getting HD color TV after having black and white, says Duane. Carol used many of Roy’s suggestions and they worked closely together over many, many long hours to create our success. One of the great things Roy did was recommending a new domain going for us. www.tirepressuremonitor.com was a name associated with the continuity of our product.

Carol adds, Of course we started getting phone calls and sales. I remember the first order we got. We were so excited. Then a week later we received another. And then they really started rolling in. After the training and mentorships, it only took about 4 months before we started showing up on first page of the search engines. Then all of a sudden we went to number one on Google! It was amazing.

What are we going to do? We’ve got all these orders.

Duane and Carol had to answer that question. So, they developed their own technologically superior product with patents still in effect. A greatly improved product with a greatly improved website is a powerful combination for a winning online scorecard.

Carol says, We went from living in a little track house to a big house in a private airpark. We now have our own airplane which we use for business travel. I’m old enough that we didn’t even have a computer where I used to work. I saw the influx of computers. But I never saw that the power of the worldwide web would be able to get us to the level of success where we are now.

SEO is a specialized field like being a doctor. If you don’t know the specifics of how it works and what to do to get Google to recognize your importance, then all of your efforts simply go to waste. You need to get a mentor who is a professional and that knows how to make your online business more successful. The average business doesn’t understand anything about the necessary steps to take to reach all of the sales that come when you get ranked higher in the search engines.

Duane says the noteworthy pick up in business continues. We remain focused on direct sales and how they happen. This year we did better than last year. We’ve held up very well despite the economy. We have a green product and all indications are that the future can be very much brighter.

Thanks to our online roadmap to success, we’re getting into new marketplaces like trucking, recreation, mining, and waste removal. Rubber prices going up for tires. Our online presence through our website and advertising is the major way we get the word out about our product helping you to save tires and save fuel. It’s happening quite nicely and has been for years. We get sales and offers from people all over the world. So investing heavily in our online business makes us look even bigger and better than we even are.

Duane says this of having a winning SEO roadmap. It’s the only way we know to go up and up and up.

More Student Testimonials

I’m a raving fan! As a beginner I learned how to set up my own road map for creating a simple first website or for creating an entire empire. Roy is very generous with his information. The five day class was worth my time and money. – Peggy Kline

Roy is a great teacher! I loved the entire class and I learned so much. I would recommend the class to anyone. – Brooke Butler

As a small business owner, I now have a complete understanding of the concepts to achieve high rankings for my company in Google Local Search. – Mark Rodger

The best information I’ve ever received to date! The lessons and information taught in the SEO workshop should be taught in every High School and University, great information. – Ed Driscoll

Roy willingness to answer all my questions and personally offering his suggestions for my websites was great! My brain is now exploding with new ideas for future ventures, thanks Roy! – Richard Winner

Roy is a fantastic SEO teacher, you can really tell that this is Roy’s passion and that he loves to teach. Each day during Roy’s five day SEO workshop I got new valuable information that I was able to apply to my websites immediately to improve our rankings and conversions. – Remington Guliano

Roy is very knowledgeable about current SEO and Internet Marketing trends and provided real stories with practical information on how to improve our rankings in the SERPs. – Thomas Ballantyne

The main thing that impressed me most is that Roy and Ginette really care about your online success and that it shows. Got great tips on how to improve my clients websites and valuable information on how to market and grow my own SEO consulting company. – Mike Blaes

I started Roy’s class five days ago knowing very little about SEO and Internet Marketing and today I feel that I have the ability and skills to not only improve the rankings and conversions on my own websites, but also future clients websites. Roy opened a new door for me this week and I have the confidence to move forward as a SEO consultant. – Kevin George

Your Action Packed Five Day SEO class was fantastic, more then I even imagined possible. The way that you laid out your simple 6 step process and the roadmap to online success was so simple to understand and implement. – Kevin Fell

I took Roy’s SEO class 14 months ago and today our telecom website is getting over 1000 new visitors a month and get new requests for bids daily. Roy explained to think of SEO as a profitable video game and to play it everyday and you will be successful. Here is a short article I wrote explaining my journey into Internet Marketing – John Gelhart

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