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John-Joseph found out only 4 years ago what his real name was… for 50 years he was always called Joseph… although his birth certificate had John written in front of Joseph in black magic marker, nobody found that to be to official… it wasn’t until he lost that one and had to get another that he was startled and quite amused. In October of 2013 He just recently graduated from a Master Level SEO Training Course that lasted for 5 days.

Certificate-jjHe has been doing this kind of work since 1986. Back then he was the lead window cleaner at Sunshine Window Cleaning in Atlanta, Georgia. He knew that he had to change his career to one that did not have so much physical demand, so he leased a computer, and the rest is history. He would get home every day and stay up till almost midnight… reading HTML books and looking at code on other sites and figuring out how to do this. He loves doing this kind of stuff so much he once said to one of his son’s, Michael, “Is there something wrong with me loving so much to write code and make websites and graphics”, Michael replied, No dad, you’re just a geek like me.

In this school he learned how to get placement in Google for almost any site and many other very important things about the do’s and don’ts concerning creating an online presence for any business that will bring lots of customers and others, like a proven way to increase conversions, sometimes to almost 50% more than they are at the present. And, what kind of copy actually gets read, along with how a YouTube channel will bring way more people to buy your cool stuff. How to create a call to action is really hard to resist. And a lot more.

You should call him today to get a free consultation on optimizing your web presence…

John-Joseph Stone

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Webinar Replay How to Increase Conversions and Traffic to Your Website

October 16th, 2014


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