SEO Training Essentials Workshop

Learn the Basics to Online Success at our LIVE 2-day SEO Training Essentials Workshop

MaSearch Engine Academy Training Guaranteey 4th – 5th (Friday/Saturday)
9:00 am to 5:00 pm – Morristown, Arizona

Attend our LIVE 2-day hands on SEO Training Workshop at our home/office in Morristown Arizona as we personally work with you 1 on 1 to get your website to the top of the search engines.

If you’re not completely satisfied by the end of day 1, we will refund 100% of your tuition!

No Snake Oil Salesmen Here – Just Real SEO Training: In the past, I’ve tired to learn how to do professional SEO from several SEO training companies.  I found that most companies that offer SEO training are like snake oil salesmen. After taking my money and wasting my time these amateur companies forgot to teach me anything valuable about real SEO.

So obviously I was nervous taking time off work and spending Sean - Certifed SEOthe money to fly from Portland, Oregon down to Arizona to take another class. Well, all my fears were gone after the first 30 minutes of day 1 of the class. I realized I was about to receive more than I was promised. I learned more from the 2 Day SEO Workshop than everything I learned in the past combined. Roy and his team are true professional SEO experts that show you what a professional SEO company does to keep their clients on page 1 of Google. They are the only SEO experts that could tell me why my website was hit by the farmer update! I am not a farmer, but I now know why my site disappeared from Google and how to fix that from ever happening again!” – Sean Mecham

SEO Training Workshop

Day 1 SEO Essentials Workshop

Keyword Research Step 1 – Keyword Research
Learn how to perform keyword research and find high traffic, low competition keywords using free and paid keyword research tools.
How to Write SEO Content Step 2 – Write Content for the Human Reader
How to identify your “perfect customer” and develop copy that will “trigger” their response. Plus how to use “Google Eyes” to take advantage of the Google Panda update.
SEO Content Development Step 3 – Mild Re-write to Optimize
How to rewrite your copy so it ranks well in the search engines and use on-page SEO optimization strategies and how to improve your click-through rates.
Search Engine Indexing Step 4 – Getting Your Pages Found by the Search Engines
Powerful strategies on how to get the search engines to find and index your website and new content FAST!
Google Analytics Step 5 – Monitoring Your Progress
74+ minutes
Step-by-Step walk through on how to benchmark and monitor your progress using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.

When you complete day 1 of your SEO Training Course, you will have a good grasp on how to perform Keyword Research. You will also know how to work with content in the correct sequence that both visitors to your site and search engines will love. You will have a good understanding of current on-site SEO influences as well as our simple step-by-step strategy.

Day 2 SEO Essentials Workshop

Keyword Research Step 5 – Monitoring Your Progress
Step-by-Step walk through on how to benchmark and monitor your progress using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.
Work in Range of Pages Step 6 – Work in Ranges of Pages
How to properly organize your time and resources to gain the competitive edge to outrank your competitors.
 Website Architecture Step 7 – Website Architecture
How to properly set-up your website to make it friendly to both your human audience and to the search engines.
Backlinking Step 8 – Backlinking
Powerful strategies and tips on how to get TONS of 1 way back links to your website using articles and social media.

At the completion of day 2 of your SEO Training Course, you will thoroughly understand how to manually optimize your website(s) by using our simple step-by-step strategy. You will know which search engines and directories are the most important for best results. You will also know how to build link reputation and popularity and have an understanding on how to “Panda Proof” your website.

Hands On Site Reviews

Keyword Research Putting it All Together – For Your Small Business Website
At the conclusion of each day’s class our staff reviews our students sites, offering suggestions on how to improve traffic and conversions.

Bonus #1 Power Point Slides

SEO Power Point Sliides 98 Power Point Slides – Day 1 SEO Essentials Workshop
98 professionally edited slides from day 1 of our SEO Essentials Workshop in PDF format.
SEO Power Point Slides 154 Power Point Slides – Day 2 SEO Essentials Workshop
154 professionally edited slides from day 2 of our SEO Essentials Workshop in PDF format.

Bonus #2 Free SEO Essentials Training on DVD

At the conclusion of your 2-day SEO Essentials Training Workshop, you will also receive your own personal copy of our SEO Essentials Training on DVD valued at $497.

If you need to review a particular area or subject that was discussed during our 2-day SEO Training Workshop, just pop your DVD into your PC/Mac and reference that area.

1-Year Free Updates!

Included with your DVD is a coupon to access a members only area for a 1 year period, where we will post updates to any of the material presented in this DVD series.

1-Month Free SEO Coaching!

SEO Training SW and the SEO Roadmap will be launching our live weekly streaming video SEO Coaching program in April of 2012.

As a member you can submit your questions direct to our Master Certified SEO Consultants/Trainers who will then answer them during this live presentation, which will also be recorded and posted to our exclusive member area.

Included with your DVD is a free, 1-month coupon for membership valued at $147!

Certified Master SEO Instructors

Your instructors are certified as Master SEO Instructors/Consultants with through the Search Engine Academy.

Master SEO Instructors

Ginette Degner - Roy Reyer - David Evans

Catered Lunch

As this 2-day workshop is held at our home/office, beverages and lunch is catered and provided.

If you have special dietary needs we do have a refrigerator where you can store your beverages/lunch.

SEO Lunch

Benefits of our LIVE SEO Training Workshops!

  • Personal hands on instruction and coaching from Certified Master Level SEO Trainers and Consultants.
  • Private location, small class size. (We don’t pack you into some hotel meeting room)
  • Have your site optimized live, DURING the Workshop!
  • Meet other like-minded small business owners in our community and share ideas and resources.
  • Personally meet with our SEO Marketing team to have your biggest Internet Marketing questions/concerns addressed on the SPOT!
  • Obtain your certification in SEO Essentials from our Certified Master Level instructors/consultants from the Search Engine Academy.

SEO Training SW
Castle Well Airpark
41914 N. 251st Ave
Morristown, AZ 85342

Space is Limited to only 10 attendees!

Price $997.00



Upon registration you will be provided with a detailed map and gate code to enter our private gated community.

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