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How The Search Engines Work
Video Length –  4:43 Minutes
Video #1 – How the Search Engines Work
Having a good understanding of what is important to the search engines, and to your audience, will make your job of getting your website to the top of the search engines.In this segment of your Free SEO Training you will learn how the search engines work along with some basic SEO tips.
Getting Started With SEO
Video Length –  2:57 Minutes
Video #2: Getting Started in SEO & Internet Marketing
In this segment of your Free SEO Training you’ll discover what SEO is all about as we dispel some common myths about Search Engine Optimization.You will also learn how to get started in optimizing your websites to get them to the top of the search engines.
How to Create Google Profile
Video Length – 7:01 Minutes
Video #3 – How to Create Google Profiles
Creating your personal Google profile and your Google Plus page for your business is a very IMPORTANT first step in marketing your business online.
How To Create Google Accounts
Video Length – 12:32 Minutes
Video #4 – How to Create Google Accounts
80% of all the searches in the world are done on Google making it the most popular.In this Free SEO Training video you will learn about the various accounts Google offers, how they help you in SEO & Internet Marketing, and how to setup these accounts.
HTML Essentials For SEOVideo Length – 15:53 Minutes Video #5 –  HTML Essentials for SEO
Having a basic understanding of HTML and CSS is important if you want your website to be successful in Google’s search results.In this segment of your Free SEO Training you’ll learn some of the basics of HTML and have an understanding of the most important HTML tags for Search Engine Optimization.
Google Best Practices for SEO
Video Length – 17:22 Minutes
Video #6: Google Best Practices
In this segment of your Free SEO Roadmap video training series we have prepared this Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.The Starter Guide will help you understand some of the basics of SEO & Internet Marketing which will quickly get you on road to having an optimized website that Google and your visitor’s will love.
Intro to Keywords for SEO
Video Length – 3:31 Minutes
Video #7 – Introduction to Keywords
In this segment of your free SEO Training you will learn why Keyword research is the foundation of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.You also get some simple tips to get you started on your journey of having a successful website.
Creating Page Titles for SEO
Video Length – 6:16 Minutes
Video #8 – Creating Killer Page Titles and Descriptions
Creating killer page titles that the search engines, and your users, will love is important in Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing.In this segment of your Free SEO Roadmap video training series you’ll learn several powerful strategies that you can use to create highly optimized page titles and descriptions.
Google Panda Update
Video Length – 6:06 Minutes
Video #9: What is the Google Panda Update?
This video explains the Google Panda update along with 2 powerful but simple strategies you can use to get top placement in Google.
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