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SEO Training Videos for iPad

Improve your rankings in the search engines for your website — without taking time away from your busy schedule!

100’s of small business owners just like you have traveled from all over North America to attend our SEO Training and Internet Marketing workshops here in Arizona and have taken home with them the skills and know how to get top place listings in the search engines.

You can receive this same level of training too – without leaving the comfort of your home or office!

Sean - Certifed SEONo Snake Oil Salesmen HereJust Real SEO Training: In the past, I’ve tired to learn how to do professional SEO from several SEO training companies. I found that most companies that offer SEO training are like snake oil salesmen. After taking my money and wasting my time these amateur companies forgot to teach me anything valuable about real SEO.

So obviously I was nervous taking time off work and spending the money to fly from Portland, Oregon down to Arizona to take another SEO class. Well, all my fears were gone after the first 30 minutes of day 1 of the class. I realized I was about to receive more than I was promised. I learned more from the 2 Day SEO Training Workshop than everything I learned in the past combined. Roy and his team are true professional SEO experts that show you what a professional SEO company does to keep their clients on page 1 of Google. They are the only SEO experts that could tell me why my website was hit by the farmer update! I am not a farmer, but I now know why my site disappeared from Google and how to fix that from ever happening again!” – Sean Mecham – Sean’s Carpet Care; Portland, Or.

Your SEO Roadmap

SEO Roadmap WheelDuring your SEO Essentials training video you will first learn how to map out your journey by doing keyword research using free tools such as the Google Keyword Tool, Google Trends, Google Suggest.

You will then learn how to develop high quality content that will engage your users, increase conversions and ultimately increase traffic using the “principles of persuasion“.

Then you will learn how to optimize your content for the search engines using our unique and proven process called Google Eyes.

Next you will learn how distribute your content on your site and then re-purpose it for social media and web 2.0 properties.

Then you then will learn how to measure your results using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Next you will then discover how to manage your time and resources by working in a range of pages and identify and focus on the areas of your site that have the highest return of investment.

Next you will learn about onsite optimization and how to avoid becoming penalized by the Google Over Optimization Penalty or the Google Panda update.

Then offsite optimization and link building strategies, which is Google Penguin friendly and will not cause de-indexing of your site.

Finally after 10 years of attending other SEO Workshops, someone was able to lay out a proven and easy to follow strategy that I could follow and optimize my companies website” – Gail Wright

SEO Training Videos on USB

Over 16 hours of Professionally Recorded, Edited and Mastered Videos on one 8 gig USB drive

Our 2-day SEO Training Essentials Workshop was professionally recorded, edited and mastered in studio.

Professioanl SEO Training Videos

Save Your Money and Time – Get Our SEO Training Videos mailed to your home NOW!

From the comfort of your home or office you can watch these professionally recorded and edited videos as we lay out our simple but powerful 8-Step SEO Training strategy to get you to the top of Google.

 white label White Label SEO Services
6:59 minutes
Introduction to how the White Label Program works.
Intro Intro – How To Succeed in SEO
40:34 minutes
Why 98% of small business fail at Internet Marketing. The #1 most important SEO tip that will lead you to success!
keyword research Keyword Research
107:03 minutes
Become the master of your niche by learning how to mine high traffic. Find low competition keywords using free and paid keyword research tools.
content development Content Creation
35:24 minutes
How to identify your “perfect customer” and develop copy that will “trigger” their response.
google eyes Google Eyes – How to Optimize Your Content for Google’s Knowledge Graph
35:37 minutes
Google will show you exactly how to optimize your content once you discover how to look at Google with a fresh pair of “Google Eyes”
content optimization Content Optimization
26:15 minutes
How to optimize your content copy so it ranks well in the search engines / How to use on-page SEO optimization strategies and tips.
Increasing click through rate Increasing Your Click Through Rate
9:20 minutes
Strategies and Tips on how to improve your website’s click through rate
content optimization Content Distribution
21:55 minutes
Powerful strategies and tips on how to distribute your content through your website, social media and Web 2.0
 opening day 2 Opening Day 2
5:24 minutes
Increase your conversion rate by using basic principles of the science of persuasion.
measuring results 1 Measuring Results-Google Analytics

Part 1 – 70:22 minutes
Part 2 – 13:08 minutes
How to using Google Analytics to measure your results
website archetecture Website Architecture
6:28 minutes
How to architect a website that the search engines can effectively crawl and index.
promoting your content Content Promotion
Part 1 – 19:26 minutes
Part 2 – 15:50 minutes
Part 3 – 12:14 minutes
Google friendly back linking strategies using Social Media and other Web 2.0 properties.
external and internal linking Strategies for Onsite & Offsite linking
35:18 minutes
Intermediate level Onsite and Offsite link building SEO strategies.
ppc Sponsered Search, Online Advertising Basics
5:59 minutes
Understand the basics of Sponsored Search to get the most out of your Pay Per Click Campaigns.
blogging Getting the Most From Your Blog
14:24 minutes
Intermediate level strategies for optimizing your blog and articles
closing comments SEO Roadmap Closing Comments
5:05 minutes
Closing comments from the SEO Roadmap Staff

Bonus SEO Training Essentials Power Point Slides:

SEO Power Point Sliides 384 Power Point Slides in PDF– SEO Essentials Workshop
384 professionally edited slides from our 2-dau SEO Essentials Workshop in PDF format. Print out these slides prior to watching the videos to take notes as we reference the material.
SEO Power Point Slides Keyword Research Report – in Excel
Example keyword research report created during the keyword research video exercise.

1-Hour of Free SEO Coaching!

Included with your purchase is 1 free hour of SEO Coaching valued at $150 that you can use for 1-year after your purchase!

To schedule your coaching session email us your invoice number and we will schedule your coaching via Skype or GoToMeeting.

 Certified Master SEO Instructors

Your instructors are certified as Master SEO Instructors/Consultants with through the Search Engine Academy.

Master SEO Instructors

Ginette Degner – Roy Reyer – David Evans

SEO Training VideosBenefits of – SEO Roadmap Essentials on USB!

  • Harness the power of our 8-step SEO Roadmap Strategy from the comfort of your home or office
  • Save hundreds of dollars in airfare/lodging and transportation costs
  • Save time by watching the videos on your own schedule
  • Watch on your computer, laptop or your iPad
  • 1-month free SEO Coaching
  • Save over $500 from the cost of attending the presentation LIVE.


 SEO Roadmap Essentials Workshop on USB – $497.00

Order Your SEO Essentials Training on USB Now!



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