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Do you know that MOST online businesses FAIL in SEO and Internet Marketing because of improper competitive analysis, improper keyword research and (because of Google’s Penguin Update) having the wrong keyword theme?

(Note: These tools currently DO NOT work with Windows 8, you will need an earlier version of Windows to use these programs until the next update)

Many new clients and students come to us saying they feel that it is a lot harder today to rank high on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) then it was a couple years ago.

Order SEO ToolsBut once they learn these 3 powerful professional SEO tools that I am about to share with you, they quickly realize that Google has opened new doors of opportunity for their online business while locking out their competitors.

Allow me a moment to explain.

First you have to do competitive analysis of all your competitors in your niche. Identify their strong points and weak points so you know what exactly what you have to do to take them out.

Second, you need to separate profitable keyword phrases from unprofitable ones. Find those windows of opportunity to focus your resources.

Now with Google’s recent Panda update, it’s critical to have your landing pages optimized with the correct keyword theme.

“Sure there are tons of free tools out there that you can pick from to compile all this data. However doing this effectively with a patchwork of tools will take hours if not days away from your business.

I have a site I’ve had for awhile, sells a physical product, and use it as my learning tool.  I wanted to run the tools on my own site to familiarize with them.  I watched the training webinar and rewatched the SEO advanced segments on Scout and Recon.  Holy cow.  This data is amazing!!  I have a lot to learn by making changes and observing the results…but damn.  If I combine the “minor search engine rewrite” from Scout data then modify on/off page factors with Recon, how do I not win?  It can’t be that easy.  I have the wide eyes of a newbie here, but it really boils down to math in my opinion.  What a powerful tool.  Wow. “ Shane – 2012

Introducing the Trifecta of Professional Search Engine Optimization Tools – SEO Recon, SEO Scout and SEO Sniper!

(33 minute video showing how SEO Recon and SEO Scout work)

SEO Tool #1 – SEO Recon

SEO Recon

Imagine having the power of “Spying” on the top online competitors in your niche knowing exactly what their strong points and their weak points are.

And then with this detailed reconnaissance information you could effectively map out your battle plan and align your resources to take them out.

Introducing SEO Recon – The Competitive Edge Solution

SEO Recon one of the most powerful competitive analysis tools available today.

  • Gathers all your competitor data for you, both On-page and Off page SEO factors
  • Performs more research in a fraction of the time
  • Analyzes your competitive landscape without relying on traditional rank checking methods
  • Reveals the EXACT SEO factors that are most important for you to focus on

Benefits of SEO Recon

  • More Productivity – Saves you time and money by getting your competitive research done in a fraction of the time
  • Better Intelligence – Know more about your competitors than your competitors know about themselves
  • Specific Guidance – SEO Recon provides you with a detailed roadmap providing you with a strategy for your on-site and off-site SEO

SEO Recon requires a silver or higher Majestic SEO Account ($49.00 a month) and their SEO Recon OpenApp Authorization.

“A couple of weeks ago, I used your tool to grab a big list of high quality sites as potential link partners. The tool told me that if I improved my inbound links, I’d replace the #7 position on page 1 for my keyword, and I didn’t think much of it at the time.
Well, after about 2 weeks, my rankings jumped up onto page 1 for that keyword I was targeting (and this keyword has over 2 million EXACT MATCH Competing Sites, so it’s freakin’ competitive).
The freaky thing is I replaced the exact competitor that SEO Recon told me I was going to replace. Now THAT is amazing. It was also a weird feeling, like a prophecy coming true.
NOW do you understand why I want more training on SEO Recon? The tool is like a personalized treasure map that you create at will. Keep up the good work!”

– Rich Winer, Arizona (SEO Training SW Student)

(For Rich, the value of the traffic increase from one keyphrase in dollars in terms of Google AdWords would be worth $66,660 per monthBased on Avg. CPC and Estimated Organic CTR.)

SEO Recon Features and Benefits (PDF)
SEO Recon Action Step Report (PDF)

SEO Tool #2 – SEO Sniper

SEO Sniper

Did you know that the #1 reason most online business fail is because of improper keyword research?

Knowing the competitiveness, search demand and the commercial value for your each of your keywords is a critical for your online success.

Introducing SEO Sniper – Superior Keyword Research

SEO Sniper provides you with an estimate of monthly traffic volume for each of your keyword phrases. It’s based upon the research behavior of over 35 million searches and over 15 million click-throughs.

Benefits of SEO Sniper

  • The SEO competitiveness for your key phrases
  • The search demand for your key phrases
  • The commercial value for your key phrases”

I consider the combo of your service with Google data to be the best opportunity for enlightened keyword research. Beats the pants off Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, etc., which, according to Wordtracker Mike Mindel, base their KEI on only .68% of actual Google search results
Don Kaufman, NY – CEO,

SEO Tool #3 – SEO Scout

SEO Scout

Imagine knowing the exact keyword phrases, in order of their importance that Google uses to determine the ranking of your site!

In February of 2011 Google released the most significant change to their algorithm ever, the Panda update.

The Panda update basically compares the written content on your site to hundreds of other sites Google has already indexed in your niche for the relevancy of your content.

If Panda decides that your content is more relevant than your competitors, you will get a boost in Google’s SERPS. If it isn’t, your site is buried.

So how do you know if your content is more relevant than your competitors?

Introducing SEO Scout – Competitive Content Relevance for SEO and PPC!

SEO Scout takes your keyword phrase and compares the content on your landing page(s) to the top 100 sites Google already has indexed in their SERPS. It provides a relevancy score of your page along with a list of keywords ranked in order of importance.

SEO Scout takes the guess work out of copywriting by providing you with a detailed spread sheet of your competitive landscape for your primary keyword phrases.

You can now find and identify all the important missing secondary terms on your site within seconds.

Benefits of SEO Scout

  • KNOW (not guess) which terms will boost the relevance of your copy.
  • LEARN how relevant your link partners are.
  • IMPROVE the Quality Score of your PPC landing pages.
  • OVERCOME an important challenge posed by the Panda Update.

You will be able to measure the improvements you make to your page in real time.

“I often wonder when I talk to most SEOs if they actually have to go after the type of terms I need to rank for, like flowers or rose, which are the big money terms for, where I run SEO. So I was delighted to try SCOUT on one of my other outside accounts to go after the word “glasses”. Using SCOUT I was able to move the site from page 3 to page 1 on Google, at position 1 to 6, mostly in position 3 or 4. Are there other factors like links, of course but I’ve used Mike Marshall’s technologies over the years and they work, give them a try!”
Jordan Glogau, NY – Enterprise Search at

These Professional SEO Tools Are Now Available to the Public for the First Time Ever!

First allow me to introduce to you Michael Marshall the CEO of Internet Marketing Analysts, LLC who is the developer of these three amazing tools.

Michael has advanced degrees in linguistics, semantics, mathematics and engineering and is one of the top SEO consultants in our industry with a focus on competitive research.

Since 2007, Michael has only been offering his suite of professional SEO tools to his large corporate clients and other professional SEO’s in our industry. He charges them $97 a MONTH!

SEO Tools Bundlle

Michael has offered a LIFETIME USE LICENSE to members of our SEO community for a one-time charge of only $367.


Don’t pay $97 a month for all 3 tools like the other agencies do. Get Michael’s amazing SEO suite for a single payment now!  

Order SEO Tools


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