Master Level SEO Workshop – the SEO Roadmap

Are you frustrated trying to get your website to rank on the first page of Google?

Have you invested thousands of dollars and countless hours developing a website for your online business and come to find out that you’re ranked on the 3rd page, the 5th page or heaven forbid the 30th page of Google for your main money keyword?

Does your ranking stink? – Is your target market finding your site?

If you can answer “yes” to any one of these questions, then it is time you started doing some research about search engine optimization.

I’m sure that some of the information you have found is great. However I’m positive that mixed in with all of this is some really bad information that could very possibly get your website banned by the search engines!

Then starts the barrage of automated telephone calls and those spammy e-mails from self proclaimed Google experts, promising you that they can get you to the top of the search engines.

Finally you say to yourself “I wish I had a roadmap, a SEO Roadmap that I could use as a guide to help me get my site to rank higher.”   Well, we have one for you.

SEO Certification

The SEO Roadmap Master Level SEO Workshop

October 7th – 11th 2013
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Comfort Inn
2641 W. Union Hills Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85027  

During your attendance at our LIVE 5-day SEO and Internet Marketing Workshop, you will learn how to master the art and science of search engine optimization and Internet Marketing through a simple, but yet powerful 8-step strategy called the SEO Roadmap.

SEO Roadmap WheelPart 1 – SEO Essentials
(Basic to Intermediate skill level)

Day one and day two focuses on our proven strategy called the SEO Roadmap.

  • You will not only learn why keyword research is the foundation of all Internet Marketing, but also you will master keyword research using Google’s free tools, such as Google Keyword tool suggest and trends.
  • You will learn shortcuts to filter down the thousands of keywords you will have mined to identify the most profitable keywords for your niche and the ones that will bring you the fastest results.
  • You will discover the secrets of properly identifying your perfect customer and how to use the power of persuasion in your content to increase leads, conversions and sales.
  • You will learn how to then optimize your content for Google’s knowledge graph using Google Eyes so it will rank well in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).
  • You will learn the strategies that will get your content found and indexed fast by Google.
  • You will learn how to properly set up your Google Webmaster and Google Analytics accounts, and how to benchmark and monitor your progress.
  • You will learn how to properly organize your time and resources by working in a range of pages to maximize results.
  • You will learn the importance of website architecture and how to organize your website, making it friendly to both your human audience and the search engines.
  • And you will learn ethical strategies on how to build powerful 1 way backlinks to your website!

Part 2 – Advanced SEO and Internet Marketing Strategies
(Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level)

Now that you have mastered the essential skills which are required to get your site ranking higher in the search engines, it’s time to sharpen your skills so you can take out your competition and claim your top spot in Google!

The last segment of your Master Level Workshop builds on the strategies and concepts of the SEO Roadmap formula.

You will learn:

  • Advanced keyword strategies using free and paid keyword research tools and how to focus on your target audience’s search behavior by using keyword modifiers.
  • Advanced Internet Marketing research to identify the demographics of your top competitors.
  • Advanced principles of persuasion techniques for Internet marketing that will increase leads, conversions and sales.
  • How to use a product called SEO Scout to mine the “things” associated with your keyword for Google’s Knowledge Graph. Each advanced attendee will get a free 1-month subscription.
  • How to use the power of Content Marketing to increase interaction with your customers.
  • About the 4 main obstacles on why people don’t buy your stuff and how to overcome them!
  • How to overcome common problems associated with data driven websites.
  • How to develop a powerful Social Marketing strategy to increase leads and sales.
  • How to use the power of press releases to build your brand.
  • Advanced Google Analytics to identify your audience’s behavior and how to create goals and funnels to increase conversions.
  • Advanced Google Webmaster strategies leading to increased traffic and conversions for your site.
  • Competitive Intelligence for Internet Marketing and how to spy on your competitor’s website(s).
  • How to identify and fix technical issues on your website
  • And tips and strategies for the attendees who wish to start a new career in SEO and Internet Marketing!

Master Level SEO CertificationSEO-Roadmap2

Upon successfully completing your 5-day SEO Roadmap Master Level Workshop, you will receive Certification as a Master Level Search Engine Optimization Expert through the Search Engine Academy and the SEO Roadmap.

SEO Training Guarantee

100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

If you’re not 100% satisfied in the level of training you receive during this 5-day Master Level Workshop, tell us and I will refund 100% of your tuition!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Master Level Workshop

1.     I have very little computer skills; can I still get anything out of your workshop? – Most definitely! In fact one of my first students named Carol didn’t even know how to cut and paste when she attended this workshop and 3-months later she launched a very successful website selling tire pressure monitors.

2:   Can I get a tax deduction attending your workshop? – Yes, the IRS allows you to deduct work related educational expenses. So not only is the fee for this workshop tax deductible, but so is your transportation and lodging.

October is also a great time to visit Arizona, so consider adding a couple days to your stay and get a free vacation!

3:   I feel that I already have most of the skills that you teach in the first 2-days; can I just take the more advanced segment of this workshop? – Yes you can, but because our advanced segment is based on the SEO Roadmap formula we teach during the first 2-days some of the material may seem confusing.  So I would highly recommend that you attend the full 5-day workshop.

However if you do want to skip ahead, here is the link to the advanced segment of our workshop.

4:   I would like to attend this workshop with my spouse, other family member or a co-worker, can I get a discount? – Yes, for groups of 2 or more, we do offer a discount. Please contact me directly for more information.

5:   I would like some personal time with you or your staff before or after the workshop. Can this be arranged? – Typically yes, my staff and I will be in the class room 30 minutes before and after the workshop to answer any questions and/or to help you with your website.

If you need additional personal time, this can be arranged through mutual agreement.

6:   Are you part of the Search Engine Academy? – No, as we severed our ties with the Search Engine Academy several years ago.

And because of this, our attendance fees are much lower and we are able to offer additional training bonuses and additional classes.

However, my staff and I are still recognized as Certified Master Level SEO Trainers and Consultants through their certification. Thus, we can pass on their certification requirements to you once you complete your training.

Your Benefits by Attending our Live Master Level Workshop

  • Personal, hands on instruction and coaching from Certified Master Level SEO Trainers and Consultants.
  • Private location and small class size.
  • Have your site optimized live, DURING the Workshop!
  • Meet other like-minded small business owners in our SEO community to share ideas and resources.
  • Personally meet with our SEO Marketing team to have your biggest Internet Marketing questions and concerns addressed on the SPOT!
  • Obtain your certification as a Master Level SEO Consultant from our Certified Master Level instructors that are certified by the Search Engine Academy.

Free Bonuses

Bonus #1: SEO Scout  – Value: $150

Free SEO Scout access: Master level attendees will receive 1-month free access to SEO Scout, the leading Latent Semantic Indexing tool available.

Bonus #2: 1-Year Free SEO Support – Value: $600

After attending our full 5-day workshop, you will receive 3 hours of 1-on-1 support. Have your questions or concerns answered; we are a email or phone call away.

You can use your 3 hours of support anytime within 1 year of attending our workshop.
The SEO Roadmap Master Level SEO Workshop


October 7th – 11th 2013
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Comfort Inn
2641 W. Union Hills Drive
Phoenix, AZ  85027 

Price: $1749

Early Bird Special! – Register before 9/1/2013 and save $400! Use discount code masterw



Special $49.00 a night Room Rate!

Because I reserved 10 rooms for this event, I can pass my $100 a night savings on each room to you!

However you will have to register before these 10 rooms are reserved by other students.

To qualify for this limited time special, call 602-978-2222 and during your reservation tell them that you will be attending our SEO Workshop.

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