Local Search Training DVD

Local Search SEO TrainingAre you feeling frustrated because you cannot get your local business or website listed in the top position of Google?

In today’s difficult economy having that top ranked position can either make or break your business.

This is why a number of small business owners and Internet Marketing consultants just like you, traveled far and wide to attend our 1-day Local Search workshop here in Arizona, paying $499 for their seat.

But here is the good news!

You can save your money and time while still mastering the same basic and advanced strategies our students use to get their websites to the top of the SERPs by ordering your copy of the Local Search Video Training DVD.

As an example, Brian Mills who owns a painting contracting business in Wickenburg Arizona.

It is well known that times are tough right now in the construction industry and Brian Mills was at the brink of shutting down his business, but he took a chance by attending one of our local workshops to learn how he could use the power of Google to get new customers.

In only 6 hours after launching his new website Brian got his first phone call for a bid on a home improvement project and things started to turn around for the better.

Today Brian own the #1 position in Google Places for his business, and also the #1 organic position with his YouTube video, the #2 organic position with his website and the #3 position with his Facebook Places page.

While all the other local contractors are being forced to lay off their employees I’m doing the opposite, I’m hiring!” – Brian Mills, Wickenburg Arizona

Our Local Search Training Workshop series have also been of great benefit to those already providing or considering providing consulting services in Local Search Training as an example Bill Parlaman from Radical Marketing.

We first met Bill after he was laid off from his job in the insurance industry and was interested in starting his own business as a local search consultant.

Bill attended our workshops and in six months was able to double his income from his old 9 to 5 job.

And recently, because of the rapid growth in his business, his wife Michelle fired her boss and joined her husband and together they own and manage their own six figure a year online marketing consulting business for offline businesses.

In only 6 months I was able to double my income after starting our own consulting business for off line businesses and now that my wife fired her boss our family enjoys the freedom of us both working at homeBill Parlaman – Radical Marketing Solutions

Save Your Money and Time

Now you can be as equally successful as Brian, Bill, Michelle and the many others who have attended our in person hands on SEO and Internet Marketing Workshop without the hassle of travel, motels and rental cars by ordering our Local Search Video Training DVD.

This informational packed 6-hour video was professionally recorded using a High Definition video camera, audio system and professionally edited.

This informational packed DVD contains:

Over 6 hours of professionally recorded and edited video from our live 2011 Local Search SEO Workshop topics included:

  • Google Places Optimization
  • Other Directory Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Google Insights for Search
  • Google Wonder Wheel
  • Content Optimization
  • Geo Tagging of photos/videos
  • How to get citations
  • Competitive Analysis
  • QR Codes
  • Local Search Optimization
  • hCard Formatting
  • Basic SEO Optimization
  • Creating Backlinks
  • How to get reviews
  • Using Google Tags
  • Boost PPC advertising
  • How to start your own Local Search Consulting business

Also Included:

  • All the 113 PowerPoint slides from the 2011 Local Search Workshop in PDF form.
  • 42 Page Local Search eBook
  • Excel Checklist of the 82 most important Local Search Ranking factors, the 19 items you want to avoid doing and the most important data and review providers and engines.

Save $100!

Only 100 5 copies of our 2011 Local Search Training Workshop DVD’s are available.

Don’t miss out, order your DVD for only $97.00 using the button below and your copy will be shipped within 72 hours.



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