Keyword Research Post Google Penguin

How To Do Keyword Research Post Google Penguin Training on USB

The way you should be doing keyword research changed on April 24, 2012, the day Google released the Google Penguin.

Watch our 13 Minute Preview

Those keyword research tools such as the Google Keyword Tool, Market Samurai and even Wordtracker have yet to be updated in taking in account the Google Penguin update.

During this 52-minute video recorded during our September 2012 Advanced SEO training workshop certified Master level SEO trainers David Evans and Roy Reyer walk you through the steps hand by hand on doing Keyword Research the new way.

During this 52-minute video you will learn:

  • Why traditional keyword tools are all broken
  • How to fix them by brainstorming
  • How to compile a keyword tracking report
  • Why branding can either make or break your keyword research
  • How to optimize for the Google Knowledge Graph
  • Tips on building your branding for keyword research
  • And much, much more…

Your 3 Gig Keyword Research USB includes:

  • 52 minute high definition video, professionally edited
  • PDF – Advanced Competitive Analysis checklist
  • Excel spreadsheet of research discussed during this training

Save Money and Time

All the students depicted in this video took valuable time away from their business and spent hundreds of dollars to attend this workshop.

But you don’t have to!

From the comfort of your home/office you can watch this 52-minute SEO training presentation on your desktop, laptop or even your mobile device for only $47!

How to Do Keyword Research Post Google Penguin Video – $47.00



Bundle and Save!

For a limited time we will include this 52 minute presentation with all new orders of “How to Kill the Google Penguin

Complete “How to Kill the Google Penguin” Training Package and Keyword Research Post Google Penguin – $97.00



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