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Jennifer has been using and learning about the Internet before the web was ever invented.  She discovered it at College in the winter of 1993, and instantly became fascinated by it “and ever since we have never parted ways.  I have spent most of my life chasing it, as the uses and rules keep changing.”

jenniferShe completed the equivalent of an Associate Degree in computer science, but couldn’t get her Arizona college, Mesa Community, to recognize her math courses that that were transferred from The University College of the Cariboo, now Thompson Rivers University, in Kamloops, BC, Canada.  Rather than going backwards four semesters, to redo Trigonometry, Calculus 1&2, and Linear Algebra, she finished her bachelors with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, at Northern Arizona University,  half computer science and half religious studies with a heavy amount of sociology.

She had the opportunity to work for an internet service provider for around four years.  She started out in dialup tech support, and self taught herself enough to move into network operations where she spent the last three years with the company.  After that she moved to Flagstaff, AZ to finish her degree, and start a family.

She choose to became a stay-at-home mom, during which time she taught herself HTML, CSS, Graphic Design, Photoshop,  PHP/SQL, WordPress (which in her opinion is  a PHP framework), JavaScript, and Jquery.

After four to five years, two more babies (for a total of four children), countless late nights working on FREElance projects for “practice” clients’ sites, reading countless technical books and sites. Just when she thought she had almost arrived as a skilled and marketable  web developer, “ Along came Roy Reyer, and proved me wrong.  My perception of getting into the search engines was that you were at the mercy of the big players and Google.  I also believed that the biggest resource to having a website was just something to put on your print marketing materials.  Now I know that I was absolutely wrong.”

So, once again she spent countless hours immersing herself into the world of SEO.  She attended SEO workshops, through, scoured the internet, and even purchased a few more books.  “Because of my extensive background in computer science, and the extensive web technologies I taught myself, I believe my SEO learning curve was much easier.”  Jennifer is now well equipped to teach others and help their learning curve be less of what it could be going the path alone.

I am glad I took so much effort and time this past year to reign in my Internet Marketing/SEO skills.  I am convinced that as I pursued top dollar projects, I would have been wasting my time, and my client’s money.  A website that isn’t properly planned out from the beginning with SEO in mind is just as good as no website at all. Unless, of course, it’s only purpose is to be marketed word of mouth, and through print materials,  but who doesn’t want maximum exposure for their business?”

Now Jennifer has come to Utah to teach and help others succeed on the Internet.   She has shown a lifetime commitment to learning and continually improving her knowledge of how to harness the ever changing rules of the internet, and you can be assured she will help keep you abreast of developments as well.

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