Intensive Facebook Marketing Training Videos

Confused about how to market your business on Facebook?

With an active community of over 1 billion users, Facebook is the largest and most popular social media network in the world.

Join Social Media Strategist Bruce Safran during this 1-day Facebook Marketing Intensive Workshop delivered right to your door on USB.

During Bruce’s 5 hour training, he teaches you how to set-up and optimize your Facebook Page, how to create killer Facebook ads along with essential Facebook community Management tactics.

At the conclusion of your training, you will be able to:

  • Set Up a Facebook Page
  • Optimize your Facebook posts
  • Advertise on Facebook
  • Optimize your Facebook ads
  • Profile your audience
  • And much, much more.

During your 5 hours of video training, Bruce also provides you with:

  • A Facebook Campaign Checklist
  • A Facebook Viral Marketing Formula

Bonus: Power Point Slides in PDF

Facebook Marketing Workshop Training Videos Facebook Marketing Workshop Files
Included with your 2 gig USB is the Power Point presentation used during this workshop in PDF format.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing Training on USB!

  • Save hundreds of dollars in airfare/lodging and transportation costs
  • Save time by watching the videos on your own schedule
  • Watch on your computer, laptop or your iPad
  • Save over $200 from the cost of attending the presentation LIVE.

Facebook Marketing Training Videos - SEO TrainingFrom the comfort of your home or office, you can watch your professionally recorded and edited Facebook Training. It is jam packed with actionable takeaways and top-shelf strategies that are highly effective.

And, in only 5 hours you will have a keen understanding of how to leverage the traffic-driving power of Facebook using free optimization tactics and paid advertising strategies.

Price $97.00 plus Shipping (USA 2 day USPS Priority)




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