How to Kill the Google Penguin – Live Event

Google Penguin has decimated my company, please help!

Email dated 5/12/2012

We launched our website back in 2006 and within a few months we obtained the first place listing in Google for our main money term holding that position until April 24th, the day Google released Penguin.

Now our site is on the 100th page.

The phones have stopped ringing, no online orders are coming in, we laid off 5 employees and we have a warehouse full of stuff we cannot sell.

Please help us!” –  Carol

The way you should be doing Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing changed on April 24th, the day Google released Penguin and this is why we are hosting this private 1-day event.

How to Kill the Google Penguin

kill google penguinLive SEO Event July 28th 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Our team has been testing like crazy to out smart and figure out ways to kill the Google Penguin penalty on a number of our own testing sites and on client’s sites and there is one very important thing we have learned.

Don’t believe for 1 minute what Google and other SEOs are telling you about Penguin!

As we proven with Carol’s website and many other sites we have worked on, the Google Penguin penalty can be killed and sites that have been penalized can come back in even a stronger position then before!

During this private 1-day event you’ll learn;

  • The 3 on-site factors that Penguin focuses on
  • How to stop exposing yourself to Google
  • The 5 types of onsite SEO you should avoid and 13 types of onsite SEO you should focus on
  • 5 types of offsite SEO that you should avoid
  • How to recover post Penguin if your site was penalized

And as a special bonus we will review several of the attendee’s websites live during the event as we hunt and kill Google Penguins LIVE!

The Location and the Food!

This one-day event will be hosted at my home and office located in Morristown, AZ that is less then a 50-minute drive from downtown Phoenix.

Penguin SEO Workshop

We will provide lunch, snacks and refreshments

Upon registration you will be emailed a detailed map and my private gate code to enter our complex.

Hire our Team!

If you cannot attend our 1-day workshop you can still hire a member of our team who will provide you with a 90-minute 1 on 1 consultation!

During this 90-minute conference we will break down your site(s) piece by piece offering suggestions on how you can make improvements to your online business.

Killing Penguin Workshop
July 28th – Morristown, Az
$245 per person




Penguin 90-Minute Site Audit



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