Half Off Master SEO Collection


From now through April 25th, I’m offering a 50% discount on our acclaimed SEO Training Master Set.

Your entire Master SEO Training package was recorded in studio during last months SEO training workshops and includes all our latest SEO courses in HD Video all loaded on one USB Drive.

The Entire Course is Here:

This Master SEO Training course sells now on our website for $1097 and includes:

Master SEO Training System Videos

Try my system for 50% and Get Five Free Bonuses.

If the 50% discount isn’t enough to have you heading to my half off sale page, these FIVE free gifts will surely do the trick.

Bonus 1: Two Free Mastermind Group Calls

On May 9th and May 23rd at 7:30 pm Pacific we will host two 1-hour SEO Mastermind calls. During each of these calls my team and I will share with you several of our secret “white hat” strategies we use to increase the authority of our websites along with a question and answer period. These two calls will be recorded and made available to you just in case you cannot attend.

Bonus 2: 7 Secrets to Online Marketing  (22 Page eBook)

John Rognerud, the best selling author of the “The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization”, shares with you his 7 Secrets to Online Marketing

Bonus 3: Google’s Duplicate Image Penalty (11 Page eBook)

6 proven strategies to avoid Google’s duplicate image penalty and how to optimize the images on your website(s)

Bonus 4: Penguin Checklist (6 Page checklist)

34 proven strategies on how to recover (and avoid) the Google Penguin penalty

Bonus 5: Multimedia SEO (24 page eBook)

My proven strategies on how to optimize your videos, images and PDF’s so they rank high in the search engines.

If you bought each item separately, you’d be spending at $2200. But right now for a limited time only, you pay only $549!

What’s the Catch??

Well I have to be honest with you, there is one slight catch.

As my time is spread very thin helping consulting with other SEO clients, I am unable to offer you the 4-hour hour of SEO coaching as I do with the full price version. So that is why I am offering the two free Mastermind Group Sessions instead.

But I know that some of you are going to want some help to make sure that your website is properly optimized for Google, so here is an upgrade that is available to you if that is what you need.

The upgrade includes personal 1 on 1 support from me and here is how it all works.

In addition to the Master Training videos and the 5 gifts, you will also receive a personal strategic planning session with me worth $300 to review your website, help you prepare your ideas, your content and answer any questions you may have.

This will be done over the phone, or Skype depending what part of the world you’re in and it will be roughly an hour long.

Then based upon our strategic planning session and you making the recommend changes to your site, you will schedule a second follow up 1-hour consultation call (also valued at $300) where I will again review your site a second time and/or answer any of your questions.

You pay only an additional $200 for these two personal 1 on 1 sessions worth $600 available only during the purchase of your Master SEO Training package.

Now here is the best part.

I know that you will want to watch your SEO training videos before your  consultations and jot down some notes. Therefore you have 1-year from the date of purchase to schedule your two 1 on 1 consultations!

Order Before the Timer Gets to 00-00-00-00

On the top of this page there is a timer counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds of when this offer ends on Midnight April 25th.

So don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity or you will have to wait till next year!

Special Offer Has Expired!


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