Google Penguin Workshop on USB

How to Kill the Google Penguin” Video Training

The way you should be doing Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing changed on April 24th, the day Google released Penguin!

Our team has been testing like crazy to out smart and figure out ways to kill the Google Penguin penalty on a number of our own testing sites and on client’s sites and there is one very important thing we have learned.

Don’t believe for 1 minute what Google and other SEOs are telling you about the Google Penguin Penalty!

As we proven with Carol’s website and many other sites we have worked on, the Google Penguin penalty can be killed and sites that have been penalized can come back in even a stronger position then before!

killing the Google Penguin

Carol kills the Google Penguin and her website recovers

Google Penguin Video TrainingDuring these 12 videos, recorded during our private 1-day Google Penguin Workshop, you’ll learn;

  • The 3 on-site factors that Google Penguin focuses on
  • How to stop exposing yourself to Google
  • The 5 types of on-site SEO you should avoid and 13 types of on-site SEO you should focus on
  • 5 types of off-site SEO that you should avoid
  • How to recover post Google Penguin if your site was penalized
  • Tips on how to build your own SEO Team
  • Social Media tips and strategies
  • Keyword Research strategies post Google Penguin
  • And much much more…

“Your Google Penguin workshop ‘How to Kill the Google Penguin’ was fantastic! I learned a great deal about the best strategies for staying out of trouble with Google. I also learned how to effectively build new links that will be highly effective at helping my sites rank well in Google. The information about on-page and off-page optimization was top notch and best of all, it will make me money! You are like a fine wine! You keep getting better and better with time.” Mark Goodman – Margae Marketing

12 Professionally Recorded, Edited and Mastered Videos on one 8 Gig USB drive

Our 1-day Google Penguin Workshop on “How to Kill the Google Penguin” was professionally recorded, edited and mastered in studio.

Professioanl SEO Training Videos

Save Your Money and Time – Get Your SEO Training Now on USB!

From the comfort of your home or office you can watch these professionally recorded and edited SEO Training videos as we lay out our simple but powerful strategy to get your website(s) to the top of Google.

Google Penguin Intro How to Kill the Google Penguin Intro
6:45 minutes
Carol and Roy discuss the strategies they used to get her site back to the 1st page of Google after her site was penalized.
What is Google Penguin What is Google Penguin?
18:31 minutes
Various factors the Google Penguin algorithm targets and new opportunities it presents to smart marketers.
Onsite SEO Factors Onsite SEO Factors
43:03 minutes
Why on-site SEO factors are critical and your first step in protecting your site from the Google Penguin penalty.
3 Major Onsite SEO Factors Onsite SEO Focus
15:16 minutes
The 3 major On-site factors you need to focus your attention on Post Penguin.
Off Site SEO Off-site SEO
55:50 minutes
How off-site SEO has been impacted by Google Penguin and new link building strategies that will get your site to the top of the SERPs.
Follow the Money - Competative Analysis Follow the Money Trail
10:04 minutes
Powerful SEO tools and strategies on how to analyze your competitors sites and how to outrank them.
Site Structure Issues Site Structure Issues
9:37 minutes
Common site issues with WordPress that can hurt your rankings and how to fix them.
Developing New Websites Post Google Penguin Building New Sites Post Google Penguin
4:03 minutes
Powerful SEO strategies and tips on how to develop new sites post Google Penguin so they will rank high in the SERPs.
Social Signals Post Google Penguin Google Penguin Social Signals
00:47 minutes
Review of Social Media tools to automate your Social SEO.
Build Your SEO Team Build A Team
6:51 minutes
How to build and manage your own SEO team!
Google Peguin Branding Ratios (New): How to Identify Your Back Link Ratio
21:00 minutes
Hot to identify your back link ratios with your target, brand and generic links
Google Peguin Branding Ratios (New): Keyword Research Strategies Post Penguin
86:00 minutes
The way you should be doing keyword research also changed on 4/24!  This video shows you new strategies and tools you should be using today to find those hidden gems.

Bonus Files: How To Kill the Google Penguin Workshop

Google Penguin Workshop 89 professionally edited slides from our 1 day Google Penguin Workshop in PDF format. Print out these slides prior to watching the videos to take notes as we reference the material.
Google Penguin eBook Recovering From The Google Penguin – eBook
15 page eBook discussing strategies and tips on how to recover from the Google Penguin Update

Certified Master SEO Instructors

Your instructors are certified as Master SEO Instructors/Consultants with through the Search Engine Academy.

Master SEO Instructors

Ginette Degner – Roy Reyer – David Evans

Google Penguin Video TrainingBenefits of “How to Kill the Google Penguin“on USB!

  • Learn our proven strategy to get your site(s) listed high in Google’s SERPs, even if it was penalized by the Google Penguin update
  • Save hundreds of dollars in airfare/lodging and transportation costs
  • Save time by watching the videos on your own schedule
  • Watch on your computer, laptop or your iPad
  • Save over $500 from the cost of attending the presentation LIVE.

Google Penguin Workshop on USB – $97.00



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