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During this 50 minute webinar replay Ginette Degner reviews 6 must have SEO Plugins for your Wordpress website.

The top 10 Real Estate Internet Marketing Tips – Recap from this weekend’s Phoenix Wordcamp presentation The Top 10 Wordpress Best Practices for Real Estate Websites.

WordCamp is coming to Phoenix, February 24th to the 26th! This is a MUST attend event if you’re into Wordpress!

Video providing tips on how to Install Wordpress successfully along with tips on how to recover from a Wordpress site crash during a upgrade.

Called the Sonny update. Wordpress 3.3 is a major upgrade to the most popular CMS platform in the world. But before you do upgrade here are a few things you should know.

Recently on one of my coaching calls, I was asked to give the Top 10 Internet Marketing Tools that I would absolutely have to have to succeed in Internet Marketing.
I really have never sat down and had to explain which ones that I “absolutely MUST have.”  But after I started thinking about it, there are a few tools that EVERY Internet marketer must use.
So here they are…
1.  Fast Computer and High Speed Internet Connection
Some of you just started laughing; others of you are in self-denial.  I am going to make a very bold statement, but “I have never met an […]

Content is King, Context is Queen, He with the most links wins!
If you have been involved in Internet Marketing I’m sure that you have heard this adage before but what does this exactly mean?
In this three part series we will discuss each facet and in this week’s SEO Tip of the week we will discuss Content is King.
Part One – Web Content
In Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville’s book “Information Architecture for the World Wide Web” they write, “We define content broadly as the stuff on your website, this may include documents, data, applications, e-services, images, audio and video files, personal […]

Question:  “What are the best tips to optimize a blog for SEO?”    – Charles, Orlando
We received this question a few days ago, and this question is probably one of the biggest questions that we are asked on a regular basis.
So, I will try to give you some tips on making your blog a solid foundation for all of your Search Engine Optimization.
1.     Permalinks
On initial install, WordPress automatically sets up the blog to a Dynamic URL that looks like:
As you can see, this is not keyword optimized and does not help your SEO value.
To change your Permalinks to an […]

Another session that I attended today at Pubcon that I found very interesting was “Wordpress SEO and Plugins” moderated by Sean Jackson and speakers Greg Banse from 7th Pixel, Carolyn Shelby from, Scott Hendison from Search Commander Inc and Ben Cook from Network Solutions, here are some of my “take aways”:
Carolyn Shelby – WordPress Tricks, Tips and Tweaks

Today people over rely on plug-ins and theme framework to do the work for them. You must understand at least to understand basic HTML and CSS code.
Excessive blog bling is bad and the biggest mistake webmasters make with WordPress is not keeping […]

Today weblogs or blogs is the latest trend in publishing online content for businesses. Here are eight tips you can use to optimize your personal and/or business blog;
1. Content is King – Context is Queen
This is perhaps one of the oldest rules in SEO and is still one of the most important factors today, the quality of your content on your websites.
Quality content draws your audience into your website and often they will also want to share their thoughts or experiences by linking your website/content to their bookmarks or their own website(s).
2. Anticipate Terms/Topics of What People will be searching […]






Webinar Replay How to Increase Conversions and Traffic to Your Website

October 16th, 2014


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