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5 Reasons why leveraging the power of Social Media is so important and tips on how you can get started today!

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With YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine in the world it’s not only important to create videos for your perspective audience but to also properly optimize them to get the maximum exposure in organic search.
Here are our proven 7 SEO Tips for optimizing your videos:
1 – Keyword Research: Keyword research is the cornerstone of all Internet Marketing. Spend the extra time to discover some of those long tail keyword terms (phrases usually 3 to 5 words long) that convert well and have a high conversion.
Example: As an affiliate marketer in the radar detector niche, once a new radar detector […]

Last week I received my invitation to join Google’s new social network Google+, and over the weekend I sent out over 300 invitations first to my family, friends and Internet Marketing team and then to members of our SEO community.
Using Google+ now over the last four days, here are some tips I would recommend in setting up your Google+ account:
Set-Up Your Google Plus Profile:
To set up your Google Profile click on the profile tab

On the next screen you will see the various posts that you have submitted and on the top right you will see a button “Edit Profile”, click […]

Recently, Steve Rubel, EVP of Global Strategy and Insights for Edelman during his presentation at Mashable Connect 2011 said that;

“The reality is, there’s too much content and not enough time,” says Rubel. “More content will be created today than existed in entirety before 2003.” With limited time and attention spans, people are experiencing information overload as well as “people overload.” Rubel called it a “friending arms race,” referring to the Facebook phenomena in which “he or she who dies with the most ‘friends’ wins.”
The 2011 Trust Barometer survey shows a massive shift in trust, with academics, experts and technical experts […]

During our Local SEO Training Workshop last week, I received a few comments about a old photo from my undercover law enforcement days hanging in our office where I am posing in front of several millions of dollars of gold and silver bars along with a large cache of weapons seized from a top-level drug trafficker.
This and several other successful investigations from my law enforcement career taught me one important thing; learn everything about your target before you plan any operation to take them out.
Gathering Intel on Competitors
When my team and I decide to enter into a new market, one […]

Facebook Places: Put yourself on the Map?
As all of you Facebook Fanatics have recently heard, Facebook has just launched its very own local “Check-In” style service….called PLACES.
Basically this is very similar to another well known local feature service called Foursquare, which allow users to “check-in” where they are currently.
Facebooks new places is powered by the major local database engine Localeze.   So all you business owners and Managers, make sure that your clients have accurate and updated info in their localize account.
If you do not see the video below please make sure that you are signed in using the form to […]

Don’t you just hate it when once you finally get something figured out that someone comes around and changes all the rules?
This is just the case with Facebook as they are changing the rules this weekend as they will no longer allow the creation and in some case the modification of custom FBML pages or tabs and instead move toward the implementation of using iFrames,
For those of you that already have custom content on your Facebook Places Pages it is important to note that you will not lose any of the content that you have already created and you will […]

I don’t get it, why should I use Social Media in my business? Isn’t all that social media stuff about posting about what my friends or I are doing?

If this is how you view social media then you’re really missing out of a great Social Media Business opportunity to not only promote your business, but also a great opportunity to network with other business professionals in your niche.
In this week’s SEO tip of the week we will discuss using LinkedIn as a professional marketing tool.
Today you may be using LinkedIn as a place to post your online resume or as […]

If you’re still chasing Google around trying to beat out their algorithm let me give you a little a little tip going into 2011, STOP!

Instead here is a suggestion from Matt Cutts that he gave during his keynote address at Pubcon this year “Don’t look at us where we are today, but look at the direction we are moving and what we are focusing on, the big five are the Mobile Web, Local Search, Social, Blended results in the SERPS and HTML5”
The Mobile Web:
The mobile web refers to mobile applications or browser based access to the Internet from a handheld […]






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