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Are you tired shifting through all that comment spam on your Wordpress website? If so check out my review of Spyder Spanker!

Today Google has begun the implementation of Google Semantic into their search results, will your site survive? Here are several SEO tips and strategies you cam implement to make sure it does.

The WSJ just reported that Google is planning some BIG changes to their search engine in the coming months with the introduction of Semantic Search. This article provides you with 2 SEO tips on how you can get your site ready for these BIG changes

The top 10 Real Estate Internet Marketing Tips – Recap from this weekend’s Phoenix Wordcamp presentation The Top 10 Wordpress Best Practices for Real Estate Websites.

This 10 minute video revels a number of my keyword research tips and tricks that will save you a ton of time and money while also harvesting a bunch of highly profitable keyword gems for your niche.

During last months Family Internet Marketing seminar I spoke with several brick and mortar business owners who were interested in creating an online presence but were unsure on how to get started, so I asked them 2 very basic questions:

What products and/or services were you interested in promoting online?
What keyword phrases would prospective clients type into Google to find your products and/or services?

Seems like 2 very basic questions, but having a clear understanding what products/services you want to promote and understanding how your prospective clients will search for your products/services is critical for your success and is the 1st step […]

Recently on one of my coaching calls, I was asked to give the Top 10 Internet Marketing Tools that I would absolutely have to have to succeed in Internet Marketing.
I really have never sat down and had to explain which ones that I “absolutely MUST have.”  But after I started thinking about it, there are a few tools that EVERY Internet marketer must use.
So here they are…
1.  Fast Computer and High Speed Internet Connection
Some of you just started laughing; others of you are in self-denial.  I am going to make a very bold statement, but “I have never met an […]

We don’t promote any SEO Tools that we don’t use ourselves and for a limited time SEO Power Suite is having a summer blow out sale on their SEO Power Suite and their Keyword Tracking software.
For those of you that may not be familiar with the SEO Power Suite it is a full package of very powerful SEO tools that includes:

LinkAssist – Link building assistant
Rank Tracker – Ability to track your rankings in the various search engines
Website Auditor – Reviews your website and provides SEO suggestions
SEO SpyGlass – Ability to find all your competitors back links

We use SEO Power Suite […]

Microsoft has had several very powerful SEO tools in their adCenter Labs for audience intelligence such as my favorite their Online Commercial Intention tool.
For those not familiar with what the tool does did, it displays the two levels of commercial intent: informational and transactional. If you’re involved in affiliate marketing or selling any product online, this tool is was very useful in identifying the commercial value of keywords.

I used Microsoft’s tool religiously when I oversaw the Radarbusters network, here are just a few examples;
The keyword “radar detectors” has had an OCI value of only 28%, which showed that the people […]

During our Local SEO Training Workshop last week, I received a few comments about a old photo from my undercover law enforcement days hanging in our office where I am posing in front of several millions of dollars of gold and silver bars along with a large cache of weapons seized from a top-level drug trafficker.
This and several other successful investigations from my law enforcement career taught me one important thing; learn everything about your target before you plan any operation to take them out.
Gathering Intel on Competitors
When my team and I decide to enter into a new market, one […]






Webinar Replay How to Increase Conversions and Traffic to Your Website

October 16th, 2014


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