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Many Internet Marketers call Social Media the “new gold rush” because the opportunities it has afforded to those who have implemented social media into their marketing campaigns and because there are no rules.
I agree that SM opens new opportunities to market your goods and/or services; however to really take advantage of the power of the social media landscape and build a loyal following there are a few simple rules you should know and follow.
My Arizona SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup presentation last Thursday night was “What is All This Fuss About Twitter” and I discussed the importance of properly creating […]

You may have heard on how I exposed myself at Thursday’s nights Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Meetup before an audience of 45 Internet Marketers.
No, it wasn’t that ugly as you’re perhaps thinking right now, I did remain clothed throughout my presentation.
But I did strip down my website(s) before our group, revealing all my secrets on how I implemented the “Persuasive Metaphor ” to create trust and desire on my old Radarbusters network and on my new SEO Training SW website.
My first exposure to “subliminal suggestion ” was back in 1975 while majoring in television and film production. Subliminal […]

I had a few members of our Arizona SEO Training Meetup members contact me over the weekend who watched my last video on doing competitive research and commented that they felt it was a great video but asked if I could put together a similar video on how to create an affiliate account.
I thought what a great idea, so tonight I put a ten minute presentation together.
I comment in the video and I want to reinforce this prior to you watching the video that yes, there are lots of people that make LOTS of money doing affiliate advertising, however in […]

At last week’s Phoenix Internet Marketing and SEO Training Meetup I discussed the importance in creating a point of difference in your market place and power of using video and quality content to engage your audience to create desire and trust for your products and services.
One side benefit of doing this type of marketing is that you create a “buzz” in your niche and not only do perspective clients stand up and take notice but others in your industry take notice of your message.
In the previous post on how I use the Google news reader to monitor my name and […]

Meet and network with successful Internet Marketing Professionals in the Phoenix area.
Hosted by “Radar” Roy and the Az Search Engine Workshops, this group is open to individuals and business owners who desire to gain a competitive edge in their industry by harnessing the power of social media and discussing new and emerging trends in Search Engine Optimization.
Members include other search engine optimization specialists, sales and marketing specialists, E-Commerce site owners and Internet “newbies” that have never launched a website.
Membership is free! For More information and to join us at our next meeting, click here !






Webinar Replay How to Increase Conversions and Traffic to Your Website

October 16th, 2014


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