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If you run a business you MUST watch this 55-minute video presentation from Chris Lang, “The Nostradamus of Google”. During this video Chris explains why he feels Google Places will be dead in 2012 and why Google Plus for Business will be replacing it. Chris will also walk you through the steps on how you can claim and optimize your Google + page(s).

Imaging your 19 year old son who just graduated high school at the top of his class, who also has scholarships to attend a prestigious university tells you that he wants to put his education on hold because of some “crazy” new online business that he had started.
Wouldn’t this just devastate you as a parent?
This is exactly how Andrew Polanski’s mother felt just a few weeks ago.
Let me explain.
Back in April Andrew was one of our students attending the Local Search Workshop. In May he came back for our Affiliate Marketing Workshop.

In June Andrew called me. He was very excited […]

When we first started our tire pressure monitor business, I created our own website and knew absolutely nothing about any of it, recalls Carol Sprague. I picked up a free template and started typing. I worked on building the website for an entire month, and was very proud of it when I was done. It was one page.
I expected rave reviews from our manufacturer. What I got was a reply from the president saying we should get someone’s expert opinion on how to build a website. It was a real slap in the face.
Carol was heartbroken when we first […]

I am very excited about our SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup tomorrow evening as I have an important announcement on how we will be delivering SEO and Internet Marketing training in the near future.
Since the launch of SEO Training SW two years ago, many of you have asked why we were not providing online search engine optimization training, my response “I wasn’t interested”. At the time I felt the only way to properly coach someone in their journey to becoming a successful Internet Marketer was through attending one of our in person one on one workshops.
However, many of you have […]

My greatest reward in helping others becoming successful online is when one of our students follows through and becomes one of my many success stories, case in point, Roseann Higgins.
Roseann owns a Phoenix matchmaking service which focuses on single professional men and women in the metro area.
Rosann started attending our free SEO Marketing Meetups several months ago and subscribed to our free SEO Tip of the week.
During Roseann’s first MeetUp she got to sit in our “hot seat” for a review of her website.
To say that Roseanne’s website was atrocious would be a complement. She had hired a local developer […]

During our SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup last week I gave a sixty minute overview of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.
I began the presentation by explaining some of the more frequent terms used in SEO such as;
• SEO – Search Engine Optimization
• PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising
• SEM – Search Engine Marketing
• SMM- Social Media Marketing
• SMO – Social Media Optimization
• SERP – Search Engine Result Pages
I then explained that SEO is not a “coin toss” that in order to have a successful online presence, you need to work on both on page and off page factors and […]

The date of our March SEO Meetup has been changed as I will be speaking at a Mobile Marketing and Local Search seminar in NYC during the week of our regularly scheduled meeting.
The new date of our Phoenix March Meetup is March 25th at 7:00 PM
During our March SEO Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Meetup presentation we will discuss some basic SEO topics that are very important to promote your online business;
– Basic SEO terms and what they mean
– On Page Page SEO Factors
– Off Page SEO Factors
– Local Search
– Usability
– Free SEO Tools that you can use
– Why […]

Last night the “Nostradamus of Google”, Chris Lang, was our featured speaker at our SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup.
Chris’s presentation was about Google Buzz which is Google’s newest social media program.
Google Buzz is now a part of Gmail and it allows people to follow that they e-mail or chat with on a regular basis.
Google Buzz users can choose to make their updates private, only available to certain people, or public in which case Google’s search engine can find and display in the SERP’s (search engine results pages).
So why did Google launch Buzz? As Chris explains in the following videos it […]

Tuesday night I gave my presentation on “Avoid Owning a Website that Sucks” at the “Think and Grow Rich” MeetUp in Tempe.
The following videos are from this presentation:
Websites that Suck, Part One: Ten Minutes

Websites that Suck, Part Two: Ten Minutes

Websites that Suck, Part Three: Ten Minutes

Websites that Suck, Part Four: Ten Minutes

Websites that Suck, Part Five: Ten Minutes

One of the most critical and costly mistakes businesses make when creating their online presence is the development of their website.
As an example over the past several weeks I was brought in as a consultant by two separate companies whose goal was to increase their positioning in the organic search results (free search engine rankings) and to increase their Google AdWords quality scores to lower their pay-per-click advertising.
Both clients had new websites that were developed by outside web design companies that had no background and/or experience with search engine optimization and the cost of each of these clients’ sites was […]






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October 16th, 2014


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