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Being involved in Internet Marketing for over 15 years I often look back at the road traveled during this incredible journey to help me gain perspective of what I’ve learned and where I hope to be in the years ahead.

Internet Marketing Brainstorming Poolside – SEO Training Mastermind

This past weekend we held a 2-day get together and brainstorming session for our Mastermind members and thought it would be fun to ask each what they thought their biggest turning point was in developing their own online business, here are some of their responses:
Matt: Eight months ago Matt quit his full time […]

Over the past couple weeks there have been several dramatic updates in both the Google Algorithm, Google’s suite of SEO tools, the layout and appearance of their search engine results pages and of course the roll out of Google plus.
During our SEO Mastermind last week we discussed several of these recent changes and how they will impact you as an Internet Marketer and the future direction of SEO.
The following YouTube video is a 15-minute segment of this Mastermind session where David Evans discusses the Google Panda 2.2 update along with comments from our group.

What are your thoughts in the direction […]

If you’re someone that I classify as a “info gather” in that you go out and buy e-book after e-book and program after program about Internet Marketing and you have never taken any action then please don’t watch the following video, because we will not accept you into our exclusive Internet Marketing Mastermind group.
However, if you’re committed to making 2011 the best year ever for your online business then I invite you to read further and watch our video and decide for yourself if you have what it takes to become a member of our mastermind and if we are […]

Our students from the Arizona Search Engine Academy receive six months of free mentorship after attending one of our SEO Training and Internet Marketing workshops and last night we held one of our monthly SEO Mastermind Calls.
Some of the concerns that we discussed during our Matermind included:
– The proper utilization of 301 redirects when using secure pages
– Recent changes and additions with Google Local Search
– And a student having one of his clients Google Local Business accounts being sandboxed
Our next Mastermind is scheduled for March 24th with Michael Marshall who will have a webinar demonstrating his SEO Tools that include SEO Recon, […]

Tonight I hosted our June Teleseminar for our Az SEO and Internet Marketing MeetUp Group with a total of 36 members during the call.
Here is a recap of questions and comments during the event:
Ryan – Surprise Az:
If you could pick one philosophy, approach or mentality that was most helpful in empowering you to make money for yourself, instead of other people, what would that be?
Kelly – Phoenix Az:
1) Say I’m trying to think of a name for my web site/product. Where do you recommend we go to see if the name is being used?
2) I heard Go Daddy is not […]

Every Successful Internet marketer I know participates in at least one MasterMind!
One of my most memorable comments I recall an associate of mine making during one of my first MasterMind calls was that “Internet years are measured in dog years ” and in order to remain competitive in our online marketplace we need to network with other successful marketers.
Personally I found SEO forums as a big time waster in that there was so much information and debate that I would get caught up in the conversation and that it was hard for me to sift through all the information. […]

Every successful Internet marketer I know participates in at least one Mastermind, I participate in two!
While I was the CEO of my RadarBuster’s online empire I didn’t have the time to attend many of the Internet Marketing symposiums scattered throughout the US and found that reading Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimizations forums was a complete waste of my time.
However I realized that I needed to network with other successful Internet Marketers to be successful in the competitive landscape of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. Therefore I joined my first Mastermind.
Each week successful online business owners just like yourself […]






Webinar Replay How to Increase Conversions and Traffic to Your Website

October 16th, 2014


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