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Beginning on December 18th, I will host a free 5 – week online coaching program to teach you how to build your own online shopping website

What is JValert and who is Ken McArthur? If you want to learn how to have more impact with your business by networking with the top marketers in the industry you will need to attend one of Ken McAuthor’s JValert events!

WordCamp is coming to Phoenix, February 24th to the 26th! This is a MUST attend event if you’re into Wordpress!

Did you miss Pubcon 2011? Pubcon is the worlds premire SEO event and during this free 1-hour recorded broadcast we discuss our biggest take aways from this SEO conference.

SEO tips and take aways from Matt Cutts keynote address at the 2011 Las Vegas Pubcon event. Here are our top 10 search engine optimization and Internet Marketing tips direct from the Google Guy.

Being involved in Internet Marketing for over 15 years I often look back at the road traveled during this incredible journey to help me gain perspective of what I’ve learned and where I hope to be in the years ahead.

Internet Marketing Brainstorming Poolside – SEO Training Mastermind

This past weekend we held a 2-day get together and brainstorming session for our Mastermind members and thought it would be fun to ask each what they thought their biggest turning point was in developing their own online business, here are some of their responses:
Matt: Eight months ago Matt quit his full time […]

This past Saturday we opened up our home and office for a informational packed, 1-day SEO Training Workshop which focused on local search and Google Places.
In attendance we had:

2 students that owned and managed their own small business
2 students who providing local search consulting services
2 students planning on starting their own SEO consulting and affiliate marketing business

Chase, President and CEO of a telecommunications company, had the #1 listing in Google Places and was getting tons of new clients prior to Google’s recent algorithm change. But because of Google’s update their rankings tumbled along with new leads and he was committed […]

When we first started our tire pressure monitor business, I created our own website and knew absolutely nothing about any of it, recalls Carol Sprague. I picked up a free template and started typing. I worked on building the website for an entire month, and was very proud of it when I was done. It was one page.
I expected rave reviews from our manufacturer. What I got was a reply from the president saying we should get someone’s expert opinion on how to build a website. It was a real slap in the face.
Carol was heartbroken when we first […]

Your customers have all closed the doors on the traditional forms of marketing such as Yellow Page advertising, newspaper ads and even television commercials.

So in order to survive in this new online world you decided that you’re going to market your business online, however months later you discover that this isn’t working either.

So now you now your asking yourself, why isn’t my marketing working anymore and why isn’t anyone buying my stuff?

At this months AZIMA seminar our guest speaker was Joe Pulizzi the “man” of the content marketing world and author of “Get Content, Get Customers”.

Discover his 10 reason why your content stinks and how you can fix it!

Don’t you sometimes wish that you had a crystal ball to know the direction where Google is going so you could follow their lead so you could get your websites to rank in their search engine?
Well you don’t need to be go out and find some fortune teller, all you need to do is pay special attention to what Matt Cutts says on his blog and at conferences. If you don’t know who Matt is, he is one of the head engineers at Google, responsible for developing and enforcing the Web Master Guidelines.
Matt gave a keynote presentation on Wednesday at […]






Webinar Replay How to Increase Conversions and Traffic to Your Website

October 16th, 2014


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