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Being involved in Internet Marketing for over 15 years I often look back at the road traveled during this incredible journey to help me gain perspective of what I’ve learned and where I hope to be in the years ahead.

Internet Marketing Brainstorming Poolside – SEO Training Mastermind

This past weekend we held a 2-day get together and brainstorming session for our Mastermind members and thought it would be fun to ask each what they thought their biggest turning point was in developing their own online business, here are some of their responses:
Matt: Eight months ago Matt quit his full time […]

Has this ever happened to you? You’re giving a presentation about your products or services to a prospective client and how to fix their website all of a sudden you notice that they are becoming very uncomfortable about what you are saying and you stand there wondering what went wrong.
This is exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago.
We had received a request from a B2B digital marketing firm who related they had been getting a number of inquires from clients who were interested in having local websites developed and have their Google Places accounts optimized and managed.
The caller […]

I’m often asked the question by allot of folks who follow our SEO Training tips “Can I really make some decent money in affiliate marketing” and my answer is yes, if you can create the buzz, let me explain.
As many of you are aware I really got my start in Internet Marketing and SEO with my launch of my RadarBusters website back in 1997. I was very successful at creating the persona of “Radar Roy” the retired cop who reviewed radar detectors, gave advise on how to beat traffic tickets and sold various speed counter measurement equipment.
My motto when I […]

I am very excited about our SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup tomorrow evening as I have an important announcement on how we will be delivering SEO and Internet Marketing training in the near future.
Since the launch of SEO Training SW two years ago, many of you have asked why we were not providing online search engine optimization training, my response “I wasn’t interested”. At the time I felt the only way to properly coach someone in their journey to becoming a successful Internet Marketer was through attending one of our in person one on one workshops.
However, many of you have […]

The one major reason I have been so successful during my journey in Internet Marketing has been the bonds of friendship, trust and support with others in our community.
This awakening came to me in 2001 after having my main RadarBusters website banned by Google.
I had fallen victim to one of those emails from an outside SEO agency that promised to make me #1 in Google. They did fulfill their commitment as my website did jump to the coveted number one position in only a few weeks; however what they did fail to mention that the “black hat” tactics that they […]

A few years ago I fulfilled one of the items on my “bucket list” by becoming a FAA certified private pilot.
During my flight training there was one mental checklist that my flight instructor drilled into my brain; Aviate, Navigate and Communicate.
This weekend this checklist literally saved my life!
On Sunday I was flying back home from Reno from a weekend business trip and about 75 miles southwest of Reno at 9500 feet, my engine started to vibrate and as I glanced over at my gauges found that I was losing oil pressure and engine compression.
Aviate: Fly the plane
It was evident that […]

This morning one of our associates called today in panic; saying that several of their WordPress websites that they host on GoDaddy had been hacked into and infected with the Ninoplas Base65 malware.
The client related that he had found out about the Malware injection when he logged into one of his sites using Google Chrome and it alerted him of that the site he was about to visit had a security vulnerability.
The client had been in contact with GoDaddy’s customer support and they related that they were aware of the WordPress vulnerability and they had been working with WordPress to […]

Madison Ave marketing firms have been using subliminal messaging in their images for years! What subliminal messaging is and how to use it on your website to increase conversions and sales.

Joe Sugarman, builder of the BluBlocker Sunglasses empire, was our special guest at our SEO Training SW class in Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2010.
The marketing and advertising legend then came to Phoenix, Arizona to speak to the students of the SEO Training SW 5-day class. Presenting the talk that normally pays him thousands of dollars per appearance, Joe effortlessly created another rendition of his famous “slippery slide.” The audience was helpless and hanging on every word.
Joe Sugarman is the famous advertising copywriter and the best-selling author of the classic cult-like bible, “Triggers.” Joe shared with the class how he […]

My daughter Erin, was by my side during the heyday of Radarbusters; answering the hundreds of telephone calls, emails, packing the orders and pitching in with copywriting and image editing.
She was also by my side when we received the phone call from Netshops offering to buy our empire of websites and social media properties for over seven figures.
After this life changing phone call with both Erin and I celebrating that we were millionaires, she broke the news to me “Dad, I have a boyfriend (Thomas) in Flagstaff and we are in love, we are getting
married. We just didn’t know […]






Webinar Replay How to Increase Conversions and Traffic to Your Website

October 16th, 2014


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