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SEO tips and take aways from Matt Cutts keynote address at the 2011 Las Vegas Pubcon event. Here are our top 10 search engine optimization and Internet Marketing tips direct from the Google Guy.

Yesterday I received this “cry for help” from an old friend asking me for advice who is involved in Internet Marketing in the home entertainment industry.
His main website which brings in over $40,000 a month and 40% of his companies revenue, was just banned by Google!

My old friend also attached his email from Google advising him of their ban.

I took a look at my friend’s website and after a few minutes spotted the problem.
As discussed in last week’s SEO tip of the week Google is in the process of draining the cesspool of sites from their index, which violate their […]

Back in 2007 Kevin was living the dream.
A Masters of Business Administration graduate, Kevin was earning two hundred thousand plus a year living the good life.
Kevin would take frequent business trips with his family, owned a wonderful home and the headhunters called weekly.
But this all changed in 2008 when our economy crashed.
After losing his job the phone calls from recruiters came to a screeching stop.
Now desperate to earn a living to provide for his family, Kevin turned to Internet Marketing.
“I began by buying those too good to be true programs that promised fast and easy money on the Internet. Then […]

Microsoft has had several very powerful SEO tools in their adCenter Labs for audience intelligence such as my favorite their Online Commercial Intention tool.
For those not familiar with what the tool does did, it displays the two levels of commercial intent: informational and transactional. If you’re involved in affiliate marketing or selling any product online, this tool is was very useful in identifying the commercial value of keywords.

I used Microsoft’s tool religiously when I oversaw the Radarbusters network, here are just a few examples;
The keyword “radar detectors” has had an OCI value of only 28%, which showed that the people […]

During our Local SEO Training Workshop last week, I received a few comments about a old photo from my undercover law enforcement days hanging in our office where I am posing in front of several millions of dollars of gold and silver bars along with a large cache of weapons seized from a top-level drug trafficker.
This and several other successful investigations from my law enforcement career taught me one important thing; learn everything about your target before you plan any operation to take them out.
Gathering Intel on Competitors
When my team and I decide to enter into a new market, one […]

Has Google Killed Traditional SEO?
There is allot of debate going on this morning on Internet Marketing and SEO blogs asking if traditional SEO is dead now since yesterdays announcement of Google’s new personal recommendation button +1, which is Google’s answer to the Facebook “Like Button”.
I agree do agree that embracing Social Media and that the Social Vote is VERY IMPORTANT to be successful online, however I disagree with several doom and gloom naysayers that traditional SEO is dead, here is why.
If you have been following us for any length of time you know that we have always preached the importance […]






Webinar Replay How to Increase Conversions and Traffic to Your Website

October 16th, 2014


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