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This 10 minute video revels a number of my keyword research tips and tricks that will save you a ton of time and money while also harvesting a bunch of highly profitable keyword gems for your niche.

Do you spend hours doing keyword research?
Effective keyword research is essential in online marketing and to do it effectively the “old school way” can take up hours of your time.
And when done doing keyword research the “old school way” all you’re left with is a list of keywords which all your competitors are using.
Don’t you wish that there were a better way that was faster, found keywords with low competition and high search volume and keywords that your competitors were not using?
Now there is a better way, Keyword Forensics.
“Keyword Forensics enables you to discover hidden search trends and tap into […]

During last months Family Internet Marketing seminar I spoke with several brick and mortar business owners who were interested in creating an online presence but were unsure on how to get started, so I asked them 2 very basic questions:

What products and/or services were you interested in promoting online?
What keyword phrases would prospective clients type into Google to find your products and/or services?

Seems like 2 very basic questions, but having a clear understanding what products/services you want to promote and understanding how your prospective clients will search for your products/services is critical for your success and is the 1st step […]

(This video is a segment from our new SEO Training series that we currently have in production covering keyword research. In the following weeks we will add several other segments prior to the official release of the video training)

Doing proper keyword research is vital and should be your first step to building a strong foundation for your search engine optimization or any of your online marketing because if you get this step wrong, everything else you do later on can come crashing down around you.
Proper keyword research can be broken down into seven simple steps or phases
Brainstorming Phase:
The brainstorming phase […]

Are you building a strong foundation in your Internet Marketing efforts by building a strong foundation doing the proper keyword research and a doing full audit of your competitors?
This past week I received a telephone call from a prospective client.
She explained that she had an outside agency develop her website a year ago who promised her that the site would be on the top of Google within months. As it is over a year and with no rankings anywhere she fired the agency and was looking for help.
She related that she wanted to be #1 for only one keyword and […]

We get allot of questions about SEO for real estate and if there are different tactics or approaches for real estate seo for organic and/or local search.

The fact is that all of the fundamentals still apply with a few other added features that I feel are very important, so here are some of the basics for Real Estate SEO 101.
Domain name: Selecting the correct domain name for your real estate website is critical. First do your keyword research and find out what people are searching for. In this example we see that the keyword phrase “Wickenburg real estate” has over […]

Today weblogs or blogs is the latest trend in publishing online content for businesses. Here are eight tips you can use to optimize your personal and/or business blog;
1. Content is King – Context is Queen
This is perhaps one of the oldest rules in SEO and is still one of the most important factors today, the quality of your content on your websites.
Quality content draws your audience into your website and often they will also want to share their thoughts or experiences by linking your website/content to their bookmarks or their own website(s).
2. Anticipate Terms/Topics of What People will be searching […]

Google released the Search Based Keyword Tool back in 2007, but it is never discussed!
Update 3/22/2011: Google has announced that they will soon be deactivating their SKtool, so use it while you can
What the Sktool will help you discover new keywords you maybe missing out on based upon the search query data from your website or your competitor’s websites.
An “Inside AdWords Crewmember” describes the Sktool on Google’s blog:
.. you know that Google search engine starts with searches conducted by users and helps them find relevant pages. But for keyword targeting, what you want is a tool that goes in the […]

Whether you’re developing your very first website or you’re an old pro, it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming experience.
However, there are lots of tools, resources and people out there (if you know where to find them) that will make the task of creating and then optimizing your website a lot easier.
One of the first choices you’ll need to make is what platform your new website will be using.
One platform that has become very popular today is WordPress, in-fact our website SEO Training SW uses this platform.

WordPress is FREE!
Very easy to setup
Easy to learn
Lots of templates and plugins that you […]

Have you ever heard of the word “long tail” when it comes to search engine optimization? If you haven’t heard the term, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to get search engine positioning without competing with as many other sites. Long tails refer to a category of keywords that are searched for on the Internet but not with the same search volume as other words.
An example would be when I owned the network of RadarBusters websites. My main target keyword was “radar detectors” however a few of my best converting long tail keywords were “best radar detectors”, “long […]






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