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Do you spend hours doing keyword research?
Effective keyword research is essential in online marketing and to do it effectively the “old school way” can take up hours of your time.
And when done doing keyword research the “old school way” all you’re left with is a list of keywords which all your competitors are using.
Don’t you wish that there were a better way that was faster, found keywords with low competition and high search volume and keywords that your competitors were not using?
Now there is a better way, Keyword Forensics.
“Keyword Forensics enables you to discover hidden search trends and tap into […]

During last months Family Internet Marketing seminar I spoke with several brick and mortar business owners who were interested in creating an online presence but were unsure on how to get started, so I asked them 2 very basic questions:

What products and/or services were you interested in promoting online?
What keyword phrases would prospective clients type into Google to find your products and/or services?

Seems like 2 very basic questions, but having a clear understanding what products/services you want to promote and understanding how your prospective clients will search for your products/services is critical for your success and is the 1st step […]

(This video is a segment from our new SEO Training series that we currently have in production covering keyword research. In the following weeks we will add several other segments prior to the official release of the video training)

Doing proper keyword research is vital and should be your first step to building a strong foundation for your search engine optimization or any of your online marketing because if you get this step wrong, everything else you do later on can come crashing down around you.
Proper keyword research can be broken down into seven simple steps or phases
Brainstorming Phase:
The brainstorming phase […]

We get allot of questions about SEO for real estate and if there are different tactics or approaches for real estate seo for organic and/or local search.

The fact is that all of the fundamentals still apply with a few other added features that I feel are very important, so here are some of the basics for Real Estate SEO 101.
Domain name: Selecting the correct domain name for your real estate website is critical. First do your keyword research and find out what people are searching for. In this example we see that the keyword phrase “Wickenburg real estate” has over […]






Webinar Replay How to Increase Conversions and Traffic to Your Website

October 16th, 2014


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