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On April 24th Google released an update to their algorithm called Penguin. This article explains the update along with tips on how to recover and Google Proof your online business.

In February Google made over 40 changes to their algorithm that may have effected your rankings in Google’s SERPs. We have identified the Winners and Losers and some things you can do NOW to improve your rankings.

Students from our 3-day advanced SEO workshop discuss their moments in their online business that made them so successful.

Don’t you just hate it when your competitors steals the content from your website and re-posts it on their website? Having your content duplicated on other websites can cause duplicate content issues and damage your brand. This article provides some tips on how you can find your content and images that has been stolen and some tips on what you can do to fight back.

What are your SEO and Internet Marketing goals for 2012? William, who we consult with and are active members of our SEO Meetup and SEO Training Workshops goal is to to reach 1 billion in sales! Find out how they will reach this goal!

If you are a realtor or provide SEO services to a realtor you understand the challenges of getting that top listing in Google.

But once you own that coveted 1st place listing the financial rewards are great!

In this SEO Article we provide you with 5 powerful SEO tips that you can implement today:

Has your site been tumbling or are you looking for ways to get your site a little boost in Google’s SERPs? This article discusses Google’s recent QDF algorithm update in which Google gives preference to fresh and timely content and buries stinky old content.

The biggest change ever to Google’s search engine results pages is Search Plus Your World. Search plus Your World provides extremely personalized results within Google’s SERPs and to survive this big change you must optimize your Google Profile and other Google properties.

Free webinar with small business marketing expert Jon Rognerud. During this 90 minute webinar Jon shares with you his secrets on how to get high listings in Google and generate TONS more of quality clients in 24 hours or less without breaking a sweat.

Siri and Yelp are the game changers of Local Search and if your business is not listed and optimized you will be losing out. In this article we discuss both and provide SEO tips on how to claim and optimize your site.






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October 16th, 2014


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